Everything You Should Know about Bespoke Suits and Why They’re a Worthy Investment

Menswear has been experiencing a revival in recent years, and this is perhaps due to a combination of new fashion enthusiasts as well as companies that are now a lot more innovative, offering quality menswear online and at more affordable prices. The revolution is now seen as a great opportunity for men to invest in bespoke suits, especially since bespoke suits nowadays are easier to acquire. But when it comes to bespoke suits and ready to wear as well as made to measure suits, some men think that bespoke suits are not worth the time or the expense. This is a mistaken assumption, as bespoke suits have proven their worth in many ways. Once you have a bespoke suit, it’s definitely not easy to go back to a ready to wear suit. Here, then, is everything you should know about bespoke suits – and why they’re a worthy investment.

The real definition of a bespoke suit

A bespoke suit is a suit that undergoes a meticulous and detailed process of creation. Essentially speaking, if you have a bespoke suit, it’s a suit that’s made entirely from the ground up. Bespoke suits can be made with various forms, shapes, materials, and styles, and they are often handmade with the expertise of two or even three experienced tailors like Alexandra Wood Mens Shirts.

The bespoke suit process will start with the client selecting what they need and confirming this with their chosen tailor. They can choose their preferred style as well as their cloth and material, and they can select other features and elements such as lapels, cuffs, buttons, and vents.

Once the client chooses their preferences, the tailor will take their measurements (nowadays, if you order a suit from a bespoke tailor online, you can simply provide the tailor with your measurements). Afterwards, the tailor will make use of different bespoke patterns for suits, which they will then draw and cut according to your measurements. The cloth or material you have selected will be cut following the pattern, and after several fittings, you can then benefit from the final design and product – one that’s suited to your precise body size, shape, and preference.

The true benefits

  • Obviously, the greatest benefit of a bespoke suit is the fit. A well-made bespoke suit will fit you perfectly, and it should be able to follow the shape of your body, from your shoulders to your back to your torso and thighs and legs. The line of the suit should be sharp, and it should flatter your body. What’s more, a bespoke suit will be much more comfortable compared to a generic ready to wear suit.
  • The work that takes place in the creation of a bespoke suit is extensive – and this is why bespoke suits last for a very long time. The process is highly-detailed, and a lot of attention is paid to everything from the waistband’s lining to the pocket stitching; all these contribute to the longevity of the suit.
  • With bespoke, you have the opportunity to have a suit that follows your individual style and personality, allowing you to stand out. But it also means that that the tailor can guide you and give you advice on what to choose so you can have a suit that’s really perfect for your needs.