4 Brilliant Gifts for Wine Lovers who have everything

It’s the holiday season, the perfect time to show love through gifts. As usual, you begin listing out things to buy for those you love. However, you seem to be scratching your head over what to buy for a particular wine lover who seems to have almost everything a wine enthusiast needs.

Do you buy a mini wine cooler? Oh, he has that! What about a corkscrew? He has lots of that. So then, what do you buy to show your wine enthusiast friend how much you care?

Well, there are a lot of unique options! If you have run out of gift ideas for your oenophile friend, we are here to help you out. Here are four brilliant gift ideas for wine lovers who have everything.

1. Outdoor wine table

Some wine lovers prefer enjoying their cup of Adrianna Vineyard while starting at the lovely sunset and receiving a waft of soothing breeze. If your friend or loved one seems to be the type who prefers to enjoy his drinks outdoors, you may want to consider buying him an outdoor wine table. Outdoor wine tables come in different varieties. This table which stakes into the soil is ideal for outdoor areas like the backyard or even a park if your friend decides to go picnicking.

2. Electric corkscrew wine opener

So your friend has a corkscrew wine opener. He probably told you that. But did he tell you how difficult it is to open a bottle of wine with this device? If he has complained a few times about this device to you, you should get this friend of yours something that makes opening wine bottles easy and fun.

Electric corkscrews are massive upgrades from the manual corkscrew, which some people struggle with. Getting your special wine lover this sophisticated device will make them cherish you more, and of course, when such happens, your bond will become stronger. Who knows, your friend  might return the favor with something mind-blowing!

3. Wine subscription

A good way to excite your wine enthusiast friend and make them cherish your friendship is by gifting them what they love the most; wine. But, of course, you aren’t going to visit a mall, get a bottle of wine in a paper bag and present it to them just like that. That would be very boring! Instead, if you’ve joined a monthly wine club, you can simply send this friend of yours a wine subscription gift with a personalized message. Of course, they’ll love it! Not only because of the personalized message but because each wine comes with information regarding its origin, flavor notes, pairings, etc.

4. Wine cooler

Before you imagine something different, you should note that this particular wine cooler isn’t the typical cooler you know. It isn’t some kind of mini fridge that keeps a wine chill. We bet your friend has that already. Instead, this elegant device (which is double-walled and insulated) is a mini wine bottle insulator that keeps a bottle of wine cold long after it is out of the fridge.

Thanks to the adjustable top of this magnificent cooler, it fits everything from everyday wine and Champagne bottles to sparkling water. Unlike a typical wine fridge, it comes with a portable design that will add a touch of class to any beach event or patio party your friend attends. It is a gift worthy of any wine connoisseur.


Getting a wine lover a gift can be tricky, especially when it feels like they have everything. However, with the advice of someone who knows the mind of a wine enthusiast, you should be able to get your wine enthusiast friend a gift that gladdens their heart and strengthens your bond.