Types of Engagement Rings for you If You’re on a Budget

Choosing a compatible girl as a life partner may have been a tough experience for you. But you did it, congratulations! Now is the time for even tougher decision; selecting a perfect engagement ring. Are you ready to face the music? If yes, then gear up for a ride where you will discover the latest types and styles of engagement ring. If you are looking for lab grown diamond engagement rings for your partner, you are in the right place.

Before anything, the first thing that should be clear in your mind is the budget. You should estimate how much amount you are willing to pay for a ring. Your budget will be very helpful for the jeweller. He will be able to show you options according to your budget. You should be aware of the fact that like while buying a house, care, grocery, etc. you negotiate with the seller, you can bargain while buying an engagement ring as well.

This is absolute crap that a man has to spend a huge amount of money on buying an engagement ring. We wouldn’t suggest you go to the major debt after because of a ring. You should buy an elegant piece that is in your budget. So stick to your budget and check out the options below;

1. The Halo Effect

Firstly, know the choice of your girl. One one hand, she may love the halo effect ring if she loves oversized rings. One the other hand, she may end up hating it if she likes light delicate jewellery. So if your girl is in favour of oversize rings then Halo effect is her thing.

This type of rings is made by encircling the smaller diamonds around a big diamond or a gemstone.

2. All In The Family

How about continuing the family legacy? Some families love to retain that royal feel by giving the same diamond rings that are worn by their mothers. So ask your family about the heirloom.

Either replace the diamond in a modern style setting or give a modern cutting to the diamond for your ring. In this way, you will save a lot of money. You will have to spend money only on the polish and cutting.

3. Color Splash

However, natural diamonds are very expensive. They are favourite of many, especially the uber-rich class. Unlike the natural coloured diamonds, the coloured gemstones are cheap and easily available in every colour. They are a nice option if you are on a budget. You can also go for enhanced coloured diamonds as they are inexpensive too.

4. A Prong Setting

A prong setting makes the ring look bigger and unique. It elevates the diamond above the ring. This setting looks very classic. It diverges all the spotlight o the diamond only.

5. Metal

You can reduce the price of any ring dramatically by replacing the metal. For example, if you have chosen a ring made up of 24k gold. You can retain the same design but ask your jeweller to make it in 18k gold or maybe 14k gold, depending upon your budget.

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