5 Trends That Made a Comeback Due To Netflix

If you are into movies and you like streaming content non-stop, you cannot miss Netflix. Netflix is the only brand that has outdone itself. Even with the dwindling content market and crashing stocks, it is safe to say that the brand image of Netflix will outlive the bad itself. Even though content streaming companies like Amazon and Hulu are gaining major market shares but Netflix is still the biggest name in the industry so far.

This surprises the critics as well. After Netflix cracked down on password sharing and increased its subscription price, critics started predicting that Netflix will lose the title of “uncrowned king of content”. However, Netflix proved it all wrong with its broader and more powerful audience reach. So far, Netflix is the only content streaming site that can make or break the career of an artist. Even a small cameo or an insignificant role in a Netflix series is good enough to beat any Hollywood-level movie. Gone are the day when Hollywood movies would set trends, now Netflix services share the same power.

Since Netflix has such a huge influence on our lives, it is safe to say that almost everyone has a Netflix account or at least shares a Netflix account. To ensure that you are making the most out of your Netflix experience, you need a good device and fast internet. We recommend you invest in a good internet connection like Optimum Internet, which comes with blazing-fast speed, affordable bundles, and a lot more.

5 Trends That Made a Comeback Due To Netflix

Netflix has taken subliminal messing to a completely new level. It does not advertise things; instead, the shows introduce things as normal habits and behaviors of their charters. Therefore, by the end of the binge session, when the character resonates with the viewer, their habits and eventually the things he uses become popular. To further bring it to the public eye and mainstream media, brands and marketing companies come together and collaborate with Netflix, which helps them sell things better.

In the capitalistic world where everything is judged by profit, Netflix is judged by the idea of the “Netflix Effect” – a mass phenomenon where Netflix holds the power to influence people from around the world. For some people, Netflix’s effect might seem like an exaggeration. However, in real life, Netflix is the only content streaming site that has single-handedly helped people in building their careers and names in the industry. Moreover, Netflix releases the whole series in one day, which gives the viewer ability to binge-watch the whole season in one go. Due to this phenomenon, there is a trend war going on in the industry.

If you are curious about the Netflix effect, here are some of the famous trends that made a comeback because of the Netflix series.


Netflix released a show in 2020 by the name of Queen’s Gambit. The show was based on the life of a female chess player. Throughout the show, various themes and fashion trends were explored. However, the show gave rise to the chess fad.

Based on a state-issued variety magazine, within three weeks of the show’s release, chess sales jumped up by 87% in the US. Apart from the chess sets, more people were sold on the idea of learning chess and making it a household sport. Eventually, this also boosted the sale of chess book sales by 603%. Moreover, people started searching for chess tutorials, which further boosted chess as a sport.

Gothic Trends

If you have been seeing a lot of people wearing black and gothic-themed clothes, this is mainly because of the Netflix hit series Wednesday. Netflix released the first season of Wednesday in 2022; the show was such a hit within a few hours of the release that it started trending on Netflix worldwide. Moreover, the show further brought back the infamous 80’s dark theme of gothic fashion.

Wednesday did not just reintroduce the gothic theme; it also bought back the famous milkmaid braid hairstyle with bangs. Moreover, within just a few days the main lead of Wednesday gained 26 million followers on Instagram.

Beret Hat

Paris is generally known as the fashion hub of the world. From modeling events to fashion shows and big brands, almost everything related to fashion happens to be in Paris. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a Netflix show by the name of “Emily in Paris” brought back a fashion trend. In 2020, Netflix released a show called Emily in Paris with the lead actor Lilly Collin.

Although the show single-handedly offended a huge global audience, especially people from Paris, fashion influencers, and social media celebrities, it gained a lot of attention from the younger audience. The show also started a trend of beret hats, which you might even see most young girls rocking in winter.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts and royal personalities might not look eye to eye but it is safe to say that the infamous Diana trend is back. In 2016, Netflix released the first season of “Crown” based on the real-life story of the royal family. The series was loved and admired globally.

However, the recent season brought the crown to remarkable heights when the show depicted the Diana era. However, this also brought back the famous biker shorts fashion. Diana was seen wearing biker shorts on multiple oceans after her divorce. After more than two decades after her death, famous models and actors today are still seen wearing biker shorts.

Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles

If Eggo Waffle does not hit a bell by now, you need to rethink the “other side”. In 2016, Netflix released the first season of one of the most iconic shows in history.

The show gained a lot of popularity for all the right reasons. However, it also boosted the sale of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles by almost three folds because the main lead was seen eating waffles by the brand. Later, most grocery stores ran out of waffles causing temporary shortages as well.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Hollywood has always been a trendsetter. However, it is the first time that an online content platform has challenged the power of Hollywood and the above-mentioned incident is proof of that.