5 Tips For A Memorable Prom

Prom can be a very large feat for a teenage girl – it is the day that every girl dreams about for almost all her years at high school. Every girl imagines her prom to be romantic, dreamy and all things sparkly. However, most girls either over or under plan their prom night by over or underthing their preparations for the night. Here are seven tips to make sure that your prom night is just perfect:

1. Keep it glam and simple

Try not to do anything extraordinary or out of the blue – this is because the more your do the higher are the chances of you messing up your prom night. Don’t do over the top makeup and try to keep your makeup simple. Soft eyes and a glowy face is the go-to look for prom makeup. When it comes to your dress, try to stick to neutrals or pastels. If you want to stand down, opt for sparkles and ruffles on your dress. This sparkly long dress at Miss Runway Boutique is a good ideal to match.

2. Take lots of pictures

You need to make sure that you take a lot of pictures on your prom night – before and after getting ready. This is because you need to make your prom pictures turn out great and more pictures equals the chances of getting good pictures to be higher. Make sure that you get pictures with all of your friends and not just with your date. You will also need a few solos in case your date turns out to disappoint you during the night.

3.  Have a designated driver and drink consciously

A beer or two is alright but you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard with your drinks. You need to remain sober in order to make the most out of your prom and to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Also, you need to have a designated driver to take you and all your friends home. Whether it is a fellow friend or a parent, the designated driver should be someone who is responsible to make sure you and your friends get home safely.

4. You should carry a clutch or a small purse

You will need your necessities with you at the prom such as your phone, your card, your lipstick, gum, and some money. You will need a clutch or a small purse to carry that around with you during the night. Not only would a clutch or a small bag be utterly useful, it would also be a great accessory to carry out and look great in pictures

5. You should drink a lot of water

While drinking a lot of water right before going to prom would mean a lot of bathroom breaks, you need to make sure that you stay hydrated all day. On the morning of your prom eat a healthy breakfast and drink water throughout to remain hydrated later on as well. Girls often starve themselves and stop water intake to look slimmer in their prom dresses. However, not only is this unhealthy, it is also very dangerous and could affect your health greatly.