4 Tips for Choosing a Stylish Duffle Coat

Winter is a cold season requiring you to wear warm clothes. However, this doesn’t mean you compromise on your style. Instead, look for stylish and elegant wool coats to keep you warm throughout the season.

In this situation, a duffle coat is your ideal clothing. Its hood and toggles keep you safe from the cold. Its sleek design complements your winter ensemble. But the challenge is, how do you find a stylish and fitting duffle coat?

Well, here are a few pointers to help you get the perfect coat.

1. How Warm Do You Want Your Coat to Be?

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, it’s not.

Not everyone is looking for a warm duffle coat. Maybe you travel by car or spend your days indoors in a heated office. In this case, a lightweight woolen jacket is ideal.

However, if you want a stylish and warm coat, go for duffle with high wool content. It’ll help you survive extreme temperatures.

2. Decide Whether to Hood or Not

Having a small hood on your coat can be astonishingly divisive. To some, the hood protects them from rain, wind, or snow. Others claim that it destroys the cuts of your duffle coat.

So, what do you do?

If you opt for a traditional duffle, it’ll have a pancake hood. It lies flat at the back and doesn’t collect snow, rain, or leaves.

Exercise caution when incorporating a hood in your duffle coat. Ensure it look good when down the same it does when protecting you from winter winds.

3. Buffalo Horn Toggles or Wooden Toggles

Your choice for toggles can make or destroy your duffle coat. Wooden toggles featuring rope fasteners were standard among the British army in the first and second world wars. Its distinctive design means you can fasten and unfasten the toggles with ease.

With time, wooden toggles were replaced by buffalo horn toggles. Leather fastenings rather than rope fastenings were also used. A traditional duffle coat tends to have leather fastenings with buffalo horns toggles due to their stylish nature.

Today, you’ll come across different variations for buffalo horn and leather toggles. As such, your decision is dependent on your personal choice. Be careful as using materials as substitutes for leather and buffalo horns. Your replacements may not last as long.

4. A Snug or Roomy Duffle?

Yes, you want a fitting duffle coat. But don’t forget you’ll be wearing it on top of other clothes.

A competent tailor will take your measurements to ensure you’re getting everything right. A good coat should flatter out be worn over your sweater without looking baggy or swamping you.

Why You Need a Duffle Coat

The winter months are here! It’s that time of the year when you need a wool coat to keep you warm.

With so many styles of duffle coats in the market, selecting your ideal one might be a challenge. There are so many considerations to make.

Your choice of a duffle coat should make you look great. Make sure you’re getting it right.