10 Beauty Brands You’ve Never Heard Of – But Really Should Try

You may not have heard of these brands, but the beauty aficionados that use them, swear by them. Why not branch out and give something new a try?

1. Lakme

You might not have heard of it, but this Indian cosmetics brand is rated the number one cosmetics brand in India and people go wild for it. The brand boasts a wide array of makeup products and skin care, and beauty bloggers have hailed the staying power of their kohl eyeliner.

2. Rude Cosmetics

This Los Angeles-based cosmetics brand has been around since 2016, with a variety of bold eye, face, lip and skincare products at a comfortable price point. With fierce colours and fresh, quirky packaging they’re hard to resist. Let your creativity run wild!

3. Esse Skincare

This upmarket beauty brand based in South Africa specializes in probiotic skincare. The brand explains that your skin requires probiotic microbes to function optimally, and without it the rate of aging is much faster. Their products are geared towards encouraging the growth of beneficial microbes. All products are organic, vegan and cruelty free

4. Creative Glamour 

This high-quality makeup line was developed by celebrity makeup artist Cecilia Grobler, and is popular with professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. The range includes eye, lip, face and body products as well as cleansers and removers, brushes and accessories. One of Creative Glamour’s most popular products is their customisable eyeshadow palettes where you can make your own palette by selecting the shades you want from the 72 eyeshadow shades in their range.

5. Wesson Therapeutics 

Originally developed for the exclusive use of plastic surgeons and oncologists, Wesson Therapeutics’ products are primarily geared towards treating burns, radiation-related skin sensitivity, and surgery after care. They have since developed a complementary range, containing high levels of soothing botanicals, for use on sensitive and compromised skin. The Resurfacing Balm and Intensive Scar Repair are among their most popular products.

Beauty Brands

6. The Ordinary

If you’re looking for good skincare with active ingredients, look no further than The Ordinary. The range, which is geared towards men and women, includes cleansers, colours, acids, hair care, hydrators and oils, peptoids, retinoids and more. Products are free of parabens, sulphates, formaldehyde and other nasties, and are cruelty-free. The brand’s identity is built on ‘clinical formulations with integrity.’

7. Pierre Rene

This Polish brand has developed high quality, yet affordable, products for face, eyes, lips and nails, which are exported to some 35 countries across the globe. With 20 year’s experience in the industry, the brand has developed the products to a professional level and made a concerted effort to reduce the levels of allergens that many cosmetics contain. Pierre Rene also has an extensive range of vegan products, made from natural ingredients, and suitable for all skin types. 

8. Drunk Elephant 

This quirky skincare brand has hinged its reputation on its ingredients. Both those that are include in their formulas – and those that are left out. They have isolated what they call the ‘Suspicious Six’ ingredients – essential oils, silicones, fragrances, drying alcohols, chemical sunscreens and dyes – which they believe are the underlying problem for many problem skin conditions, and committed to omitting them from all products. They are so certain of the efficacy, that they have launched an Instagram movement prompting ‘grammers to post pictures of their bare skin without any makeup on after following the Drunk Elephant routine.

9. Miyo 

Bright, bold and edgy just like online NZ casino sites– Miyo makeup was developed with daring makeup artists in mind. The brand offers a wide range of highly pigmented colours, to assist creatives in pulling of looks out of their wildest dreams. Miyo has products for eyes, nails, face and lips, and has positioned itself at the forefront of makeup trends with a strong Instagram presence. 

10. E.L.F. Cosmetics

Coming in at a very competitive price point that won’t require you splashing out a Roulette win just to look good, E.L.F. prides itself on catering to all skin tones, as well as being 100% vegan and paraben free. They provide products for eyes, lips, face and skin, as well as brushes and tools. Their extensive range of products allow makeup buffs to pull off any look – from dewy-faced no-makeup makeup, to a full face beat.