What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is popular and has remained in fashion for a long time. With every passing day, wearing silver jewellery is becoming trendy as all genders can adorn this very attractive piece.

Silver comes in numerous forms, however, the most common are pure silver, sterling silver, and the plated silver. It is not surprising that sterling silver rings have grown to be so popular that couples are considering them for their vows.

What You Deliberate On Before Buying That Silver Jewellery

You might have been saving up for ages to afford that silver jewellery you love so much. However, with all that excitement, it is easy to fall into a trap, that you may not come out of. Hence it is good that you take your time in getting to know some facts before you decide.

1. Is it sterling silver or what?

This is the first and foremost element that you must understand. Knowing that silver comes in numerous forms including pure, sterling, and plated silver, you would want to know what they mean.

Sterling silver, which is very common, is a composition of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of the hard metals. Copper metal is usually more preferred as it strengthens the soft and natural silver metal. This makes the silver jewellery more durable and stands the test of time while still maintaining its lustre.

2. Qualities of a sterling silver jewellery

Understanding the qualities of silver jewellery will aid you to weigh the quality of the silver jewellery to purchase. Silver infinity rings are a great example of great quality silver jewellery. They are irresistibly beautiful and thus their popularity. They are also durable and you can use them for a lifetime, and may even become part of your heirloom.

Also, good quality silver jewellery is not hypoallergenic, implying that they do cause any skin irritation as they do not react with the skin. They also allow for easy customization. Therefore, understanding these qualities will help you choose wisely.

3. A sterling silver ring that fits your hands

Knowing your size will depend on the size of your fingers. The best silver ring should match the size of your hand and should not be so heavy and extremely big as to overpower your finders. Also, it should not be excessively small as it will not meet its purpose. Therefore, know the size of your fingers and order for the sterling silver ring accordingly.

4. Fitting and comfortable sterling silver jewellery

Consider whether the ring is fitting and comfortable. You may be considering wearing the ring often in the future. Hence, purchasing a well-fitting and comfortable jewellery is ideal.

5. Possibility of resizing or reshaping the silver jewellery in the future

As you age, your fingers may grow bigger or smaller. Therefore, this could necessitate resizing the silver ring jewellery. Therefore, make it your responsibility to confirm with your jeweller the ring’s resizing possibilities.

6. The weight of the sterling ring top

Heavy ring tops can make the ring move around your finger, making it uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, always pick a stone size that is proportionate to the ring finger.

7. Presence of sharp edges or pointed parts on the ring

Sterling silver rings with sharp and pointed edges can be beautiful. However, you want to be sure that it is cozy to wear. Therefore, you can try it on just to be sure.

8. Cleaning and maintenance of the silver jewellery

When picking the style and setting of your jewellery, it is good that you consider the ease or difficulty in cleaning and maintaining it. Ensure that you go for the setting that makes cleaning and maintenance of all the corners and crevices possible.

9. Warranties and guarantees from the seller

You must know that getting a warranty and guarantee from your jeweller is necessary. The warranties and guarantees are vital as they will be useful in maintaining the jewellery, and will ease your mind, knowing that what you bought is genuine. In the case of unexplained damages, you can easily return the jewellery if you have a warranty or guarantee from him or her.


Sterling silver jewellery is easy to own. However, before you purchase them, stay aware of the elements such as the qualities you would expect from the jewellery. That will enable you to enjoy dazzling in the bright and lustre silver pieces of jewellery.