Movado ladies watches- what sets them apart from other watches?

Looking for luxurious accessories that can be worn with any outfit? Movado ladies watches are best choice for ladies watches. Movado offers variations in watches depending on personal taste as well as style. Apart from that these watches can be the best gift for your woman.

Here is the list of top Movado ladies watches reviews for you

1. Movado women’s 604759 Amorosa SS bangle watch

This watch by Movado is perfect for a sophisticated and elegant woman. This subtle accessory will blend with your formal as well as semi-formal attire. You will definitely get noticed when you go around wearing this sapphire shielded watch.  The cover of the watch is made of a black dial face.

To further enhance the look this watch silver-tone hand and 18k gold plating, as well as diamonds, are added. This bangle watch gives you more than an attractive appearance and luxurious functionality! This is a Swiss quartz-powered watch that comes with a museum dial.

This is a water-resistant watch as far as 99 feet. It is a perfect piece for someone looking for durability with elegance. Thus, your watch will last long and make you feel confident as you wear it on special occasions!

2. Movado women’s 60476p Amorosa two-tone SS bangle bracelet watch
This Movado features a museum-style dial and styling black background! What makes this watch stand out is the two diaphone hand and golden tone. The background of this watch features two tones of stainless steel.

Apart from that design of this watch is very unique and made to resemble the ancient sundial. There is a dot marker on the watch which represents the sun. Silver-tone steel bezel and bracelet with gold-tone simply enhance the appearance of this watch!

This Movado ladies watch is not so durable to be worn when swimming; it can still resist water up to 30m. Apart from that its Swiss quartz movement offers the best performance and has scratch resistance crystal which prevents any scratches.

3. Movado women’s 604982 Amorosa diamond-accented SS bangle watch

These Movado ladies watches represent true luxury! It also features a unique black watch face and two silver-tone hands that make it look luxurious. The band of this watch sets it apart and the jewelry clasp has two diamond filled inserts.

This watch is not made for heavy duty work or swimming. But still, it is durable and comes with scratch-resistant crystal. Apart from that, it is resistant to water up to 33m. Also, it features a removable link to adjust it for a custom fit.

This piece may not be subtle enough but draws attention with its sophisticated and luxurious design. It can be paired with formal or any outfit. This collection is well known for its enviable quality as well as artistic appeal.

The watch captures the brand spirit as well as enhances its beauty through diamond inclusion and sleek design.

4. Movado women’s 0606895 swiss quartz gold plated casual watch

This watch is a highly exclusive item in the list of Movado ladies’ watches. It may have some similarities with other pieces but what sets it apart from others is the 24mm gold PVD case with diamond inclusions on the top and bottom part. When the diamonds sparkle it reflects the overall quality of this piece.

The band of this watch is gold plated and has a black dial as well as sundial dot. This watch is also not suitable to be worn while swimming but can resist water up to 30m. The watch features Swizz quartz movement as well as crystal resistance to scratches.

This can be a perfect watch for any woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. This watch will complement the most luxurious attire. The gold plated band, as well as casing, make it impossible to not to catch someone’s attention!

Therefore, this was all about the movado ladies watches and features that set it apart from other bands!

Here are some of the tips you can consider when deciding which timepiece to buy!

1. Consider Movement type

One of the most important things to consider when buying a watch for someone is to consider the type of movement of the watch. There are two types of movement- mechanical and quartz. If you want to go for something expensive then go with a mechanism and for more practical watches go with quartz movement watches. You can ask your women that what type of movement of watch she prefers before buying it for her.

2. Style to be considered

Another important thing to consider when buying watches for women is the style of the watch. You can select the style or shape of the watch case as per the women’s interest. The classic shape for most women is found and also there are other styles like curvy, chic rectangular, and masculine square dials to go with.

3. Right material

Whenever buying watches you should consider the quality of the material. Gold jewelry watches are most demanding among women. These are preferred by the women who loves fashion and likes to go with the trend. Apart from that women can choose from a rose gold, classic yellow go pink of stainless steel material for the watches as per their interests!

4. Straps for watches

Another thing to consider is the design of the straps attached. Some woman like leather straps while other go for gold bracelets and even rubber straps. You must go for that type of straps which according to you are more comfortable and can be easily maintained.

5. Matching your personality

Whenever selecting a watch for women make sure you select the one which complements their personality. Also consider the watches according to the occasion you tend to wear it for like- everyday, office time, parties, etc. It will be best if you go for the watches that can be matched with formal as well informal outfits.

Hence this was all about Movado ladies watches and the tips to choose the best watch for your women!