What Are Some of the Key Items You Will Need for a Makeup Studio?

Sure, you’ll have the technical skills to succeed after graduating from your makeup artist classes. You might even have high-quality items that will result in the most epic looks. But, aside from that, you’ll need an excellent workstation to put your skills to the test.

What, exactly, makes a good makeup station? For starters, you’ll want one with enough light so you can view details clearly and one that’s functional so you can get to everything you need quickly. You’ll need a few essentials whether you’re building a traveling studio kit to operate anywhere or setting up a home studio.

Here are some key items for any home or mobile makeup studio.

Optimal Lighting

Look around your assigned makeup application area and pick a location with the most natural light. The best lighting is natural light, so if possible, set up near a window. Look for an area with the best artificial lighting if there is no window or the space around the vicinity of the window is too dim and small.

You must see the details of your work and the face of your client! Avoid areas where that casts shadows or somewhere you can’t see enough to blend.

Make Lighting a Priority

The priority when planning your makeup studio should be lighting! For flawless results, all makeup artists understand the importance of perfect lighting and that the best type of light is natural light.

Set up your makeup station by a window if possible, as natural light allows you to apply makeup evenly. If you are not near natural light, you’ll need to search for the best artificial light you can.

On top of your makeup table, place a vanity mirror with at least ten bright bulbs. This illuminates your client’s face and enables you to see fine details while working, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

Halogen lightbulbs, particularly GE Reveal bulbs, are a second option for artificial light, as they mimic bright sunlight and are the next best option to natural light!

When it comes to lighting in your makeup studio, avoid overhead lighting at all costs because it is unflattering for the client and prevents you, as the makeup artist, from producing a flawless finish. Yikes!

Extra, Portable Lighting

Adjustable lights are helpful if you’re stuck in a space that lacks adequate lighting. To avoid your client’s face appearing yellow, choose a light with a bright, white bulb. Don’t make color matching more difficult for yourself!

The most useful lights are those that can adjust to various angles, especially if your studio is only temporary.

A Mirror

Including a mirror in a home studio seems self-evident. The type of mirror that truly works for your space is less obvious.

Vanity mirrors with lights are a great option if you have the space and budget for a permanent setup. Consider a free-standing, self-lit, adjustable makeup mirror for a small makeup station near a bright window. These are typically portable, making them ideal for travel.

You’ll need a mirror to recognize how the makeup looks in 2D if you’re doing a client’s makeup instead of your own. Because photographs and videos are 2D images, you must create looks, which are flattering in both 2D and 3D perspectives. A mirror will also enable your client to observe your work while applying their makeup, making them feel more comfortable with the process.

Organizer for Products

Keep your products and tools organized no matter where you set up shop. It has a more professional appearance and allows you to find things more quickly and easily. Use containers to organize your sponges, brushes, and cosmetics in your home studio.

Prepare your products and tools in your travel kit ahead of time. To keep brushes contained and organized, invest in a brush roll, and sort cosmetics into small zippered bags. You’ll know precisely where all your stuff is when you set up, and you’ll be able to lay everything out for easy access as you work.

A Stool or a Chair

Choose a chair that is a decent height for your table if your studio is for personal use. You must be able to see clearly in your mirror and reach all that you require. Consider a higher chair if you’ll be working with clients in this studio. This will allow you to reach the client’s face without having to bend over.

For permanent studios, adjustable chairs that lower and raise (and swivel!) are ideal. You may have to use any chair available for travel. Some makeup artists travel a lot and have cars invested in foldable, portable tall chairs.

A Table

You’ll need a large table to lay out all of your supplies in an orderly manner. It must be low enough for you to sit and do your makeup, yet high enough for you to reach while standing to do your clients’.

Your options may be limited when traveling. Unless you have the finances for a portable folding table and the means to transport it with your kit, make do with what you have.

A Sink

Makeup is a messy business. Setting up next to a sink helps to maintain everything clean while also allowing you to use water-activated items without leaving the room.

While a sink isn’t required for your application, it prevents you from wasting time looking for water if you suddenly require it. You must consistently wash your hands before and after your appointments. Cross-contamination is no laughing matter!

Cleaning Supplies

Bring everything you’ll need to keep the place clean, regardless of where you set up. Include paper towels, hand sanitizer, a real towel, cotton swabs, moist wipes, cotton balls, and an all-purpose cleaner in your travel kit. Keep these supplies close by in your home studio so you can get to them in the event of a spill.

Having all you need for a clean, sanitary work environment puts clients at ease and gives you a professional appearance.


Nothing is more aggravating than finding the ideal lamp only to discover there are no outlets close. You may not think you need electricity for makeup if you have good lighting, but leaving yourself without such an option is a mistake. Natural lighting subsides and shifts over time.

Carry a power bar good or extension cord with you wherever you go, whether you’re traveling or at home, so you can set up wherever you want and still have electricity access.