How To Stand Out In The Crowd: 5 Steps To Head-turning Style

There are diverse elements that can make up your style and stand you out from the crowd. The ability to manage time using the appropriate time management tool is one of them. There are several time management tools in the market. All you have to do is to find out the right one that will help stand you out. With the right management tool, you can stand out while perfectly fitting in. However, your style can also help you stand out from the crowd. We live in an era where trends and styles have a small shelf life that it is becoming pretty difficult to create a lasting impression through style.

To avoid being tagged “basic”, it is necessary to do a little bit of evaluation and self-assessment. This will help you know what style best suits your personality and body shape. Though it may take a while to get to that killer-zone that speaks class and finesse, it is worth the trouble.

Things you should consider during this personal evaluation are favorite pieces, your kind of lifestyle, the things you like and dislike as well as fashion eras that you love most. You may have to do a lot of digging to know what makes you tick, the style that accentuates your curves, and even the color blend that you like wearing. You don’t necessarily have to copy the style of others to stand out. All you have to do is discover your style and let it shine.

Style is far beyond getting expensive items that will leave a deep hole in your pockets. It also does not have to be something that a stylist will have to constantly check in on you to carry out. You rather can express your uniqueness and authenticity through your accessories. As you go through the tips discussed below, don’t feel pressured to do it all at the same time. Gradually tick them off your list and see the desired change take place. Let’s jump right in

#1. Add a twist to your style

Don’t go for all the boring stuff. Don’t be afraid to try out something different from your usual style. Add other accessories that can help express the uniqueness of your style. Try out a mix of fashion from different eras. You can rock that frame bag that your grand gave you with a pair of ripped denim. Go for something unexpected. Imagine how a Chanel bag will stand out when working with sneakers and a cardigan that is a little bit oversized. Even a tropical summer frock will attract attention when worn with a pair of white oxfords. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is to go for something out of the ordinary with the correct blend.

#2. Always think statement

Always be on the lookout for clothing and accessories that will make you stand out. An accessory that can help you make a statement may be a bag, a piece of jewelry, or even a pair of shoes. Accessories do wonders in making a statement. These accessories may not be for everyday wear neither are they basic. They are known as show-stealers and attention grabbers. Invest in these accessories and watch your fashion style take a hike for the roof. You can also go for items of clothing with large prints and embellishments that can easily grab attention.

#3. Maximize your shape and age

Different styles are more suitable for certain body shapes and sizes as well as age groups. One of the genius style tricks is to discover the style that suits your age and shape and embrace it. While I am all in for variety, most fashion icons have a signature style that they can easily go back to. And that in itself makes them stand out.

#4. Creative add layers to your style.

Try out different ways to layer your accessories. Go out of the ordinary. The beautiful part of layering is that it could be done in any season be it winter or summer. You can work your layering magic using a mini dress and chiffon coupled with a light cardigan that will give off a casual look any day. Just be creative while at it.

#5.Work on your body language

A large part of style is not determined by what you put on but how you carry yourself. Pay close attention to how you walk, gesture, and even sit. You can’t speak style if all you exude is timidity. Confidence is projected and it can make even rags look royal. The choicest outfit can look like a piece of trash if the woman wearing it looks grouchy. Hold your head high and let your confidence match your outfit.