How to Choose the Best Pair of Winter Boots: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

With the forecasts of snowfalls swirling around, it’s time you learn the tricks to getting your choice of winter boots absolutely right.
Winter is the season when nature takes the shape of the beauties, consigning people into taking covers. Sounded bleak? Then, you would be happy to know that winter is also the season to wrap yourself in comfy clothes, and albeit, a pair of winter genuine ugg boots.
So, when you look for winter boots, what is it that you prioritize the most? We know that they must be protective of the cold, wet and snowy weather; while also providing enough comfort and style. Some prioritize function of fashion, some go the other way around. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Below, we discuss the few things to consider while shopping for winter boots to enjoy a nice combination of practicality and style.

1. Materials Matter the Most

Amidst the snows of winter, you need a material that is water-resistant and warm at the same time. As the upper is the part that protects the top of the foot, you should look for the boots that are made using nylon and leather. Faux leather would also do, as long as it is the finest quality. For added protection, look for boots with pre-treated waterproofing.

2. The Sole is the Saviour

Whether it’s a slope or an urban street you would be walking on the most this winter, you would need a rubber sole that protects against the moisture. Pay attention to the grip as well, as nobody wants to slip and fall on their back walking on an icy street. Note that the rubber soles with bums and crevices tend to offer a much stronger grip.

3. Insulation Regulates Temperature

You want a pair of winter boots that is warm, but not too warm to give you a burning feeling. Therefore, look for boots that offer good insulation. High-tech synthetics are up to the ask, so are wool and pony fur. The king of activities you would be doing is also important, as thinner materials are best for outdoor sports.

4. Height Isn’t Just about Fashion

Depending on your personality, you may usually prefer a tall or short pair of boots. When it comes to winter boots, however, it also requires practical considerations. A tall boot is better for trekking, keeping your calves warm against the snow; while a short boot would be best suited for the urban street.

5. Closures Are Fundamentally Functional

There are many boots that rely on the details of the closure for styling. However, it’s fundamentally a functional question, as a full-lace up design offers tighter fit and added security. Pull-on or zipper styles, on the other hand, are best for casual activities and for children.
That’s it! You are now ready to find your perfect boot. If you want to face the winter storms in style, head over to now!