5 Ways To Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags can be painful, and they bring a lot of discomfort to your body. Before you ask us what it is, let’s clear the air.

Skin tags are tiny, benign, and soft growth on your skin. You can call it a bump, but they are soft to touch. It is best to get proper diagnoses from a doctor. But do you need the doctor for the removal process? That’s questionable!

Although there is no medical urgency or complications, skin tags can be bothersome. In some cases, these skin tags fall off on their own. While some people with half-baked knowledge will probe you to see a doctor, it is good to try different remedies.

The question is – Why do people want to remove skin tags? So, if these skin tags are on your face or any visible body part, people might want to remove them for cosmetic reasons. That’s a personal choice! Moreover, it might cause discomfort to some people, so it is best to remove it.

Thankfully, skin tag remover is available in the market, and these do not require any external intervention.

We have listed the five ways to remove skin tags. Keep reading to find out!

The 5 Efficient Ways To Remove Skin Tags

1. Skin Tag Removers – Patches and Bands

The most preferred method is to buy patches/bands to remove skin tags. These are easily available in the market. You can also find some products online. Opt for the one which has some natural ingredients. If you ask us, we would suggest you try something with hemp. Hemp is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Moreover, it nourishes the skin and helps in healing it too.

2. Tea Tree Oil

The next best remedy is to use tea tree oil. Although we recommend skin tag removers, tea tree oil does the job at its own pace.

Take a cotton ball, put a few drops, and place it on the affected area. Use a bandage to cover this cotton ball on your skin. Leave it on the affected area for 10 minutes. Doing this twice or thrice a day will help you achieve good results. Once again, it is a slow process and not ideal for someone who does not have time.

3. Cut It Out

Isn’t it tempting to just cut off the skin tag with a blade or a knife? You cannot do that at home! It is advisable to go to a doctor and get this done. Yes, they will clean the skin, and this will help in preventing infection.

If it is a large or medium tag, avoid cutting it. In this case, we would advise you to use a remover meant for this specific purpose.

4. Removal Creams

As per dermatologists, salicylic is a big NO! But, there are removal creams that help in fading away the skin tags. To use removal creams, one can clean the affected area with alcohol and then apply the cream.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the skin to fall off.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Although little research has been done on this, some people have used this method, and it worked for them.

They soak a cotton ball with some apple cider vinegar. And then, they fix it on the skin tag with a bandage.

Concluding Thoughts

All of the methods mentioned in this article will help you out. But, ideally, one can opt for skin tag removers because they are tailor-made for the job.

So, if you have a skin tag, make sure you attend to it immediately. If the skin tag is around your eyes or the genitals, it is best to skip treating it yourself. Do not be harsh to the skin tag, as it can be extremely painful.

We hope that your skin tag situation goes away sooner!