Best Hair Products You Should Be Using

Is your hair an asset or a pain? It’s probably one of the two. If your hair is an asset, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to make your hair stand out and look its best. If it’s a pain, you’re probably looking for a way to turn it into an asset.

Coming back to your hair wants and needs, there are several products available to choose from. So many, in fact, that it might even be confusing having to pick between them. This might explain why most people don’t bother and go back to using two or three products.

However, your hair wants, needs, and deserves the absolute best. Some products might be high-end, but several of them are drugstore products that can be found anywhere.

Figuring Your Hair Type

Your hair could be; straight, curly, wavy based on your genetics. It could be either thick or thin based on genetics and the environment. It could be color-treated or not based on your prior track record with your hair. This is just to show that there are several different hair types – everyone’s unique in their own way.

Finding out your hair type is step one. It comes before buying products because certain products are targeted at certain audiences. For example; color-treated hair has different requirements than non-color treated hair, and straight hair is in no way the same as curly hair.

Take online quizzes, consult a stylist, and do your Google research to figure out your hair type. Then we move onto step number two.

Understanding the Range of Products You Could Use

You’ve figured out your hair type and have also probably designated a budget for hair care products. However, the most expensive product doesn’t have to be the best. Neither are several cheap products worth it compared to one high-end product.

In any event, before you head on over to the store, it’s smart to understand the various hair products (besides shampoos and conditioners) that are available:

Mousses – Hair mousses are best for people looking to add more volume to their hair. Instead of having to agonizingly sit through an hour-long appointment of back-combing your hair and then dealing with more hours to undo it, get a good hair mousse. It’s a fraction of the effort and worth the comfort. To use a mousse, all you have to do is run the product through your hair a few minutes or so after you’ve showered. Let it sit in your hair for a few more minutes before blow-drying your hair and marvel at the difference it made.
Pomade – Hair wax or pomade is sort of the same as hair gel, but with numerous added benefits. Hair gel is used primarily for hair styling. Whereas hair wax can be used to smooth out the texture of your hair and give it some sheen. It gives your hairdos more hold and also shines
Sea Salt Spray – You may or may not want texture in your hair. If you’re a part of the former, then investing in a can of sea salt spray is just what you need. The name probably gives it away, sea salt spray is sprayed onto hair to give it more texture as the beachy does after a day at the beach.


Most people will have two prose hair care products (three, if they tried harder this month). It’s definitely a shampoo, probably conditioner, and maybe hair oil. However, the range of hair care products doesn’t just stop at these three. There is an entire market for hair care products and these products are barely scratching the surface.