The Microneedling Aftercare Procedure You Need To Know

We all have heard about microneedling and the magic it can do to our skin. It is known that microneedling is the latest innovation and new treatment option in dermatology that offers a broad range of applications that help improve a person’s skin condition. Microneedling allows a person’s skin to rejuvenate due to stimulating new collagen production.

This method can help solve skin conditions such as acne scarring, surgical scars, melasma, dyschromia, rhytides, and enlarged pores. The primary technique that microneedling follows is temporarily injuring your skin, known as “micro-injury.”

Because of the micro-injury, your skin undergoes a mild trauma that requires aftercare treatment. But what are these treatments? What are the things that should be done to achieve the best results?

What Happens After the Treatment?

Yes, it has been explained that the process of microneedling will result in micro-injury. In short, your skin will experience mild trauma due to the pricking of the microneedles on your skin.

The skin layer will show some bleeding, but it is in a small quantity and too small to see the scars. However, even if you don’t see the scars, the stinging pain will be there, which is normal. No matter how simple the process of microneedling, it still requires a sensitive aftercare process. This is to make sure that the procedure will, indeed, have the most desirable results.

To achieve the desired results, you need to understand and follow the aftercare process. If you’re considering getting one, here are the aftercare procedures you need to take for the safest and best results.

But what happens after the treatment?

Since microneedling will cause your skin to bleed out a small amount of blood, it’s expected that redness will be present after the entire procedure is done. Redness and swelling are the common side effects of microneedling. But don’t worry. The redness and the swelling will subside over a day or two, so just let your face or skin rest as the redness will go away on its own.

After the treatment, your face will feel tight, dry, and sensitive to touch. That’s why you must know the microneedling facial treatments and the aftercare that you should do to achieve better results.

In the following content, we have laid out the correct aftercare procedure, including the things you SHOULD do and the ones that you SHOULD NEVER do after having a microneedling session.

The Aftercare Procedure

We all want to achieve the best and the most desirable results after enduring the stinging pain of the rolling blade to our face or to our skin, which is why it’s very critical that we follow and know the appropriate aftercare procedure.

What To Do

Here are the important things you need to know after the microneedling procedure:

Protect It

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that your face (a common area where most of the patients undergo microneedling) will get all swollen and red.

Think of your face as a fresh tomato for that case. That’s why you need to cover it by using an umbrella or a cap for it to be protected from the harsh sun rays when you stepped outside the clinic. Using sunscreen is recommended as well.

Cleanse It

Cleansing your skin or your face after getting a microneedling process is very important. But only clean your face with lukewarm water and a prescribed cleanser product by your aesthetician. Cleanse your face within the first 72 hours after the procedure and avoid using harsh products for a while.

What You Should Not Do

To expedite the healing process of microneedling process, avoid doing the following things:

Doing Strenuous Activities

Postpone your gym schedule when you plan to undergo a microneedling process. Avoid participating in excessive activities such as exercise, running, or anything that would cause you to sweat. In general, these activities are harmful and possibly filled with bacteria, which may cause adverse effects on your skin.

Applying Makeup

For the first few days after the procedure, skip using your makeup, and let your skin breathe for a while.

During the post-treatment period, your pores are open, which means that anything will quickly get stuck in your pores, and we don’t want that. Avoid makeup applications first, and give yourself some time to heal.

Products That You Should Avoid

After the microneedling process, there are various products that you must skip for a while until your skin is ready. The basic rule is to avoid harsh chemicals, makeup, and exfoliant during the post-treatment. Vitamin A and C are the two products that you should not use while your skin is still healing.

Retinol A and Vitamin C Serum

Retinol A and vitamin C serum are popular contents of a beauty product. However, it’s best to avoid using these products during the first three days after the procedure. It would be best to avoid anything scented, harsh chemicals for exfoliation, and glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids.

Products That You Should Use

On the other hand, there are products as well that are best used during post-treatment. This is to take care of your skin while it’s in the process of healing.

Hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid

These two power products are best paired as microneedling aftercare. Hydration and specialized serum have active contents that soothe and heal the skin while reducing irritation. Since your skin is naturally dry after the treatment, it’s best to hydrate and restore the skin balance by using a hydrating serum that contains hyaluronic acid.


Microneedling is the latest innovation in beauty treatment as it offers a wide range of benefits. But to best enjoy the results and achieve the most desired results, one should keep in mind that taking care of your skin after the treatment is very important.

Taking care of your skin after microneedling plays a significant factor and can play a significant difference in the treatment outcome. That’s why we strongly advise that after getting a microneedling procedure to always follow what your aesthetician aftercare tips alongside with the tips we have provided.

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