What is the glamorous tabard style dress?


A tabard-style dress is a type of garment that features a sleeveless bodice and a draping panel of fabric that hangs over the front and back of the body. The dress is often made of luxurious materials such as silk or velvet and may be embellished with embroidery, beads, or other decorative elements. The term “tabard” comes from a type of medieval tunic worn by knights and squires, which had a similar draping panel of fabric over the chest and back. 


Originally, tabards (derived from the French tabarde) were simple outerwear items that were typically sleeveless. Later, a tabard consisted of four cloth panels, two big panels that draped down the wearer’s front and back and two smaller panels that hung as shoulder pieces or open “sleeves” over his arms. Usually, the same coat of arms was imprinted on these panels.

Tabards played a significant role in combat identification as plate armor and shield use declined. They were almost always connected with officers of arms by the end of the 16th century.

Kinds of tabard style dresses

Medieval tabard dress

A woman in red medieval clothing holding a hammer and pliers

Men wore medieval tabards, a style of tunic, generally over armor or other clothes throughout the Middle Ages. It is a long, sleeveless dress that typically has a thick fabric like wool or linen and hangs down to the knees. The tabard has an open front and back and is frequently decorated with a coat of arms or other heraldic motifs. Knights and other nobility wore it to identify themselves in combat.

Art Deco tabard dress

Thomas, Hawley, Clarenceuz King of Arms, depicited in his tabard on a grant of arms in 1556

A form of clothing known as an Art Deco tabard dress blends the conventional tabard design with the Art Deco style. Bold geometric designs, vibrant colors, and strong lines define the 1920s and 1930s design trend known as Art Deco. This type of tabard dress would probably have an asymmetrical design, geometric designs, and vivid colors. The dress would resemble a conventional tabard in shape and have an open front and back, but it would be made of more contemporary materials to adhere to the Art Deco style.

Boho tabard dress


The traditional tabard style is combined with bohemian (boho) components to create a boho tabard dress. The term “boho” is used to describe a fashion trend that is influenced by hippie and bohemian culture. Natural fibers, loose-fitting, flowy garments, and natural, vintage-inspired motifs and patterns define this look. An ethnic, vintage-inspired print or pattern and flowy, light materials like cotton, silk, or polyester are likely to be seen on a boho tabard dress. The dress would resemble a traditional tabard in shape and have an open front and back, but it would be made of more contemporary fabrics to fit the bohemian style.

Glamorous tabard dress

A glamorous tabard dress is a style of clothing that combines the classic tabard design with glitz and luxury. Glamour is an appealing and captivating appearance or effect that is frequently connected to success, popularity, and high-end clothing. A gorgeous tabard dress would likely be made of opulent materials like velvet, silk, or satin and decorated with sequins, beads, or crystals. A typical tabard-like silhouette with an open front and back would be shared by the dress, but a more luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic would be reflected in the design and materials. It might be worn to important occasions, sophisticated parties, and red carpet events.

Evening tabard dress

An evening tabard dress is a type of dress that is typically worn in formal or semi-formal evening events. It is a variation of the traditional tabard style, which is characterized by an open front and back and a long, sleeveless tunic-like shape. An evening tabard dress would likely be made of luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin, or velvet, and designed with elegant and sophisticated details. It could be floor-length or shorter, but will be designed to be worn in the evening time. This type of dress could be accessorized with jewelry, a clutch, and high heel shoes to complete the look.

Modern tabard dress

A modern tabard dress is a style of clothing with an open-sided, sleeveless design that resembles a traditional medieval tabard. The sides of the dress are normally left open, and the front and back are usually made of a single piece of cloth with armholes. Modern tabard dresses frequently include cutting-edge patterns and materials and may be worn for a number of situations, including formal affairs and casual outings.

Ethnic tabard dress


A dress that incorporates components of traditional or cultural attire with the open-sided style of a tabard is likely referred to as an ethnic tabard dress. It might be influenced by a range of ethnic or cultural styles, including those from Africa, Asia, India, etc. It can be created using traditional materials, embroideries, and patterns, and is frequently worn for special occasions or activities that honor cultural heritage. Both men and women can wear it.


In this article, you will learn what tabard dress is and its different types. Each kind of tabard dresses has its own uniqueness like its fabric, style, and designs. We have to know about this to learn and determine their differences.