What Does An Eternity Ring Symbolize?

The Ring of Infinity started to become popular during the early part of the 20th century, after the diamond company DeBeers began marketing the popular design as a luxury anniversary gift. It was during this period of time that platinum was being used more widely in jewellery design. The use of platinum not only gave jewellery a crisp, sleek look that was popular at the time, but the use of platinum made it possible to keep slim diamond baguettes and other precious stones firmly attached. Aside from the Ring of Infinity, you may also find the wearing of dragon rings interesting.

Eternity bands usually feature diamonds or other stones that wrap all the way around the band. While round diamonds are featured in some eternity bands, other types of cuts of stones, ranging from princess cut diamonds to emerald cuts and more can be incorporated into these rings. Eternity bands can be used to mark sentimental moments such as the birth of a child or a milestone anniversary. Eternity rings are highly versatile in that they can be worn on their own or stacked with other types of rings. The never-ending ring of diamonds (or other stones) is meant to be representative of eternal love.

Eternity Rings In Ancient Egypt

It is possible that the first Eternity rings originated circa 2000 BCE in ancient Egypt. Egyptian men would give their wives rings that were of a similar design to celebrate and symbolize their mutual love and loyalty, Even though rings were not usually given to mark special occasions at that time in history. In history and mythology, circles and rings have long existed to represent everlasting life and love, and in ancient Egypt, it was the same, so they would present their lovers with rings in honor of this.

Many of these ancient Egyptian rings that used similar symbolism would often incorporate the image of a snake swallowing its own tail in the designs, called “ouroboros”. It is possible that this type of ring has evolved over the years, eventually omitting the snake from the design, and eventually came to represent a continuous circle of precious gemstones, thus representing eternity.

Keeper Rings

Eternity rings became associated with marriage during the 18th century. During this period of time, Eternity rings began to gain popularity, featuring paste gems or a mix of stones. They were also referred to as “keeper” rings because they were worn as a guard, placed in front of wedding bands to protect them from falling off. Also referred to as a “Holder” ring, a keeper ring is also referred to as the GUARD ring — introduced by King George III in 1761, who presented his bride, Queen Charlotte, with a wedding ring band encircled with diamonds.

What is An Infinity Ring?

An Infinity Ring is a similar idea, conceptually, to an Eternity Ring, since both are designed to symbolize “forever.” It is in the ring design that they vary. The “infinity” symbol, which looks like a ring twisted upon itself, is generally found either along the band of or as the dominating feature of an Infinity Ring. In the jewelry industry, Eternity Rings are marketed toward marital events, such as marriage or anniversary. Infinity Rings are more often used as a fashion element, and it is unusual to find an Infinity Engagement Ring.

Own Your Own Eternity Ring

This beautiful diamond eternity ring from Noémie is made with 18 karat gold and diamonds and is handcrafted with the finest quality stones. It is a great example of the classic Eternity Ring and would make a beautiful anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift for someone you love.

Today, diamonds are used in eternity rings most often, although rubies are associated with a 40th wedding anniversary gift, and sapphires are associated with the 45th.