7 Dragon Rings Designs You Must See

You might think Dragon Rings have become quite bland. They look spectacular in their own right despite the fact that the depiction of dragons has not been so diverse in recent years. They have long faces, huge noses, and largemouths.

A lot of dragon rings look the same, probably with just different brand names. Good news, however, there are some designs you haven’t seen yet. By the way, see this John Hardy dragon ring. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to take care of your engagement ring, visit the given link.



7 Dragon Rings Designs You Must See

Listed below are seven dragon ring designs that would get you falling in love for the first time or again if you have been a former customer of dragon rings:

1. The Devil Dragon Eye

This is sometimes called the Eyes of Hell Demon. It’s a dragon ring with a dragon-like eye at its top. It’s an entrancing design and quite different from the usual and typical dragon head design for dragon rings. It comes in different colors; red, blue, purple, green, etc.

2. The Dragon Claw Adjustable Ring

This Dragon Ring is just as the name implies. It is a ring in the form of a curled Dragon’s paw. It gives the feel of a dragon pulling a human finger in its paws. This stainless steel dragon ring has no gemstone, just the intricate designs of the dragon’s scales. It is a beautiful piece and one to look out for when scouting Ring Shops.

3. The Dragon Body Ring

These rings have the entire body of the dragon twisting and curling around your finger. It has a good grip while being adjustable, and is beautiful and simple.

4. The Dark Luminous Dragon Ring

This ring is for those who really want to stand out with a cool dragon ring. In the dark, the luminous dragon ring glows. Many say this is a nighttime ring and the reason cannot be any clearer. It is a fashionable piece and worth a buy. And if you want to know how to start a jewelry business online, click the link.

dragon band-jpeg



5. The Dragon Band

This is a stainless steel ring with a subtle tone to it. It’s just like a normal ring but with a colorful band around it with the depiction of dragons on it. Unlike the others which possess a sculpted dragon head or body part, the Dragon Band Ring is preferable because of its simplicity and quiet outlook.

6. Full Finger Dragon Ring

These rings cover most of your fingers. This is often a combination of two rings, joined by a moving joint to allow you to bend your finger. It is a beautiful piece that can easily be unisex.

7. Cool Big Head Dragon Ring

This is a bolder ring, often seen with biker gangs. You have a ring that looks like a dragon’s head on your finger, glaring at whoever you point your finger at.

There is a wide array of dragon ring designs for you to choose from. If you have once thought that dragon rings only existed in a particular design, then you need to go to online stores or head to a bigger store than you have been patronizing.

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