The Hot Topic of Crop Tops at a Gym

The topic of whether crop tops are suitable to wear to a gym has become quite a hot one recently. When you break it down though, as long as you clean up after yourself on the equipment by wiping it down, what you wear to work out in is your choice. You should not face judgement when you head to the gym, why other people care about such things is somewhat confusing. If you are wanting to wear one but wondering what do you wear under a crop top if you need to, we can explore that here too.

Where does the disapproval come from?

For those that are against them in gyms, it comes down to three things. First of all, people assume you are showing off as you are showing some of your body and others who are lacking in self-esteem are negatively impacted by your show of confidence. Next when you have a crop top on you are more likely to leave sweat behind on the equipment you are using, or drip down around it. Third, that it is inappropriate to show off that much skin at the gym.

What others feel about their own body image is not your responsibility so if you want to wear a crop top, something that after all was designed to work out in, then that is your prerogative. Wiping down equipment after use is something we should all be doing at the gym as a common courtesy so as long as you do this, then that negates the second argument. Lastly, people go to a swimming pool and wear a swimsuit that is a lot more revealing than a crop top and leggings. We are in modern times and body shaming because someone is flashing their stomach should be something women do not have to deal with anymore.

What do you wear under a crop top?

If you are looking for ideas so you can wear your crop top and you want to do this for yourself not because you feel forced into it, there are options like the Activ36five wear.

  1. Layer your tops – layering is useful too because it gives you options to strip off or add on depending on how hot you are. Put a camisole beneath the crop top, or even just one of your t-shirts.
  2. Have something to put over the crop top – you can take with you something like a shirt or cardigan to put over it if it is cold when you are done, or if you feel the need to.
  3. Think about your bottoms activewear – rather than wearing low pants, shorts or leggings, consider choosing high-waisted tights or workout gear. It hides some of the stomach the crop top reveals without you having to mess around with taking off or putting on layers.
  4. Consider the type of crop top you buy – there are different styles of crop top so instead of thinking about what do you wear under a crop top, you could choose a style that makes you feel more comfortable, one that is longer rather than ending just under the bust.