How to Wear Crops Tops for a Comfortable and stylish look

During summer, crop tops are favorite upper wear for ladies and especially for girls. They are an ideal option for wearing soggy dresses or a tee and skinny jeans. Although many ladies wear the crop top in one outfit style by pairing it with skinny jeans. Many outfit ideas are now available that you can copy from celebrities and fashion bloggers. You do not have to show off skin with the latest trends of crop tops.

However, if you are a habitual crop top wearer and you love when your skin is exposed, there are many crop tops that you can purchase to still look fashionable. Also, crop tops that do not show off your belly area, require you to be cautious as you choose how to blend them with other outfits perfectly. Below are ways to wear crop tops and feel comfortable.

Select the right crop top

Do you want to look trendy and fashionable among your friends? Select the right crop top that is perfect for you from online shops like the Lily Lulu Boutique in both size and fit. This is an important consideration as without getting the size and shapes correctly you will not get one that blends with your body figure. The crop top you choose might show off your stomach and a beautiful crop top needs to just show the midriff area or not. Therefore, you can choose a longer version that ends below the bust hiding your skin or one in a boxy shape to balance your outfit. A boxy crop top is perfect for those who do not want to show skin and they can wear it with a camisole to make them more comfortable.

Wear a drape crop top with a boxy shape 

As discussed above, size is important no matter the design of the crop top you choose to wear. If you want to feel comfortable in a crop top, choosing a drape crop top with a boxy shape and pairing it with fitting pants is a winning look. The final look of this outfit is beautiful as it is neither too tight, nor too loose and covers the tummy area perfectly. This crop top also looks pretty with a skirt and is comfortable, as it helps you relax during summer. To stand out with this crop top on a holiday. Choose a striped design with fitting trousers and boot heels and step out with confidence among other people.

Dress to a fitting crop top with high waist palazzo pants 

Palazzo pants are always on-trend, comfortable and descent. Hence, choosing palazzo pants to pair with your crop top is a safe way to feel comfortable and still rock a crop top. Choose high waist palazzo pants to pair with fitting crop tops that show little to no skin. They are ideal for ladies who do not want to show any skin or those who want to wear this outfit to a formal event. Play around with this look by pairing a printed high waist palazzo, with a plain black and white crop top. Alternatively, a light shade high waist palazzo, with a print crop top with scarf matching the palazzo pants is an excellent combination as well.

Pick a long and flowy crop top 

The reason many women want to feel comfortable in a crop top is to hide the stomach area, but still show the crop top design. The many designs in the market are ideal to achieve this look. However, you need to know what looks best with the look you are aiming for in your final look. For instance, a longer style crop top that hides your midriff is an excellent choice, if you want to feel ‘covered’. Especially, when your culture and customs do not admire showing off your skin, this crop top is the best choice. Also, this crop top favors ladies that don’t love skin-tight dresses. There are many bottoms to match with this crop top design even with the extra fabric that it has, that helps to cover your tummy area.

Wear with long skirts 

Wearing a crop top with a miniskirt is showing too much, and in most cases is not as fashionable. However, if you want a comfortable and stylish look. Try wearing it with a pencil skirt or a long skirt. Many celebrities have tried this look and you can copy for some fresh ideas on the same. The final look is elevated but you need to choose the right long skirt to match it perfectly. Choose a fashionable and smart style that will not make you look frumpy. Alternatively, pair the crop top with a pencil skirt to give you a clean, comfortable and polished look as you are not too much exposed. Also, if you dress well to this look you will achieve a slimming appearance especially with the skirt in a dark-toned color.

Choose high rise jeans

This look favors the ladies nervous to show off some skin and those that want to show off a bit of their midriff area with crop top and jeans. To wear to any occasion, go for a long-sleeved crop top with high waist jeans, or trousers as your ideal look. On the other hand, high rise wide-legged trousers with a crop top and a pair of heels is a great look to stand out among your friends. If it is for a casual event or an easy and lively one choose sandals as they will still look amazing on you.

Given the above ideas on how to look comfortable and stylish with a crop top. They are perfect tips that you can try as spring approaches that will make you look your absolute best. Additionally, they suit every body type as there are many ways that you can style them. Wear them with suspender jeans, shorts with a flannel shirt and a jacket, whichever way you feel comfortable and stylish in them.