Stylish Ways to Wear T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple in everyone’s closet. It’s the top that provides ultimate comfort and they are a great option for going for a low-key vibe. But if you want to dress up and look glamorous, perhaps T-shirts are not included in your sartorial choices. The good news is, you can make your own t shirt online and feel comfy by wearing it while still looking all dressed up. T-shirts are very versatile – they are not just for pairing with jeans. And even if you pair them with jeans, you can still look glam and stylish.

Here are some smart ways to wear T-shirts and still look stylish:

1. Tuck it in high-waisted, skinny jeans and add accessories

Woman wearing a white statement T shirt tucked in a distressed, high waisted skinny jeans

Black Skinny jeans perfectly add polish to a T-shirt outfit. It’s a trend that’s still going strong, as this sexy cut flatters almost all body types. One of the most stylish way to rock a shirt and jeans combo is to tuck it into a high-waisted skinny jeans. Add a little jacket for coverage, then wear high quality accessories, like a pair of big round earrings, nude heels and a leather clutch purse to take your basic outfit to the next level.

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2. Wear it with blazer and cutoffs

Wearing a Humour T-shirt with shorts may be your most casual, just-going-to-buy-groceries outfit, but adding a blazer and heels definitely elevates the look.  If you’re into a coordinating blazer and short set, go for it! Throw on a bold crossbody bag and you’re off to go.

3. Wear it with a matching suit

Look like a lady boss even in T-shirt by wearing a bold suit on top of it. Consider a matching top and pants or a leather skirt and leather jacket. Coordinating your separates is the way to pull this off. Finish the outfit with a thick-soled sneakers for an edgy and sporty touch, or some kitten heels for refined sophistication.

4. Layer it under a lace tank top

If you want to go for drama and extra feminine delicateness, layer a lace tank top on top of a plain white shirt. You can add a lace bustier or a delicate bralette to add an element of boudoir-chic to your casual shirt. Pair it with a vintage-style ripped jeans to keep the look cool, then strap on a pair of heels to keep the feminine look going on.

5. Wear it with statement jacket

Sometimes, all you need for dressing up is a trendy jacket or coat. Start with your favorite T-shirt, then pair it with straight-leg jeans. Then wear your classic leopard print coat, a puffer jacket or your faux fur jacket to dress it up a notch. This outfit works very well for chilly fall and winter days. Then, you can add heels if you’re feeling feminine, ankle boots if you want to toughen up the look, or sneakers or flat loafers if you want to look stylishly casual.

6. Pair it with jeans and a patterned coat

Steal the common style trick of fashion editors: use an eye-catching coat as a top layer to dress up a simple white shirt and jeans ensemble. Layering your outfit with a long, patterned coat instantly updates the casual outfit to something street-style worthy. If you want to look sophisticated (and so you can get by wearing a T-shirt to the office), look for a classic checkered coat or a hounds tooth plaid in brown or gray. If you want to be whimsical, go for a more playful pattern, like florals and polka dots.

7. Go for a tracksuit and high heels

Athleisure is on the rage right now, blurring the lines between the clothes you wear to the gym and those you’d wear to a shopping trip to the city. Wear a simple or graphic tee with your tracksuit, and glam it up with a matching platform heels and a quilted clutch. If you want to wear a statement necklace or earrings, stick to a simple T-shirt.

8. Wear it with a pleated skirt

Here’s a cute way to dress up a simple tee: wear it with a pleated midi skirt. Pair it with sneakers to keep it casual or glam it up with heels or mules. Pair a jacket to cover up and make the ensemble more interesting.

9. Wear it as a dress

Wanna wear a T-shirt stylishly? Try out a T-shirt dress. Buy a tee in a larger size (or in men’s size) to make sure the hemline is longer, or opt for T-shirts that are specifically designed to be worn as a dress. Pair it with fishnet tights and combat boots and you’ll look very cool.

10. Wear it under a slip dress

The ‘90s fashion trend that is the slip dress worn over a shirt has been popular again during the late 2010s. This look is really fun and versatile. You can dress it up for day or night. Wear a white T-shirt and white sneakers by the day, and wear it with a darker shirt and a pair of ankle boots for a date night. If you’re worried about bulk and wrinkles, go for a T-shirt that has a stretchy fit and hugs the body. 

11. Pair it with a fitted skirt and boots

Have you been doing a lot of butt workouts lately and you want to show off your hard work? Wear a form-fitting skirt with a slit to show off that curve. Wearing a T-shirt on top of it makes it more casual, then pair it with hot boots and a belt bag. Knot your shirt in the middle to show off a little midriff and voila – that’s how you can be sexy and stylish with a simple tee.

12. Wear a crop-top with pencil skirt

If you have a plain crop top T-shirt, you can pair it with a pencil skirt of the same color, high heel pumps and layer it with a few delicate necklaces for a classy, glamorous and ladylike look. You can layer a jacket on top for a bit more coverage.

13. Wear it with neutral trousers

Wanna formalize that graphic T-shirt of yours? Pair it with a neutral trousers and tuck it in. You can wear it to the office for casual Fridays and still feel ready for the weekend. Pair it with some sandals and a statement bag with a color that pops. 

14. Wear it with a long cardigan, jeans and platform sandals

Easily stylize the simple white tee and jeans combo by layering it with a long cardigan and some platform sandals. This is an effortlessly chic outfit that works for any season. If you’re not into sandals, you can dress up with ankle boots too, or simply wear sneakers.

15. Add a leather jacket and slim jeans

Style a simple T-shirt for shopping or for meeting friends by tucking it in a slim-fitting jeans. Then, layer it with a smart leather jacket, preferably in neutrals like black, white, beige or brown, or in bold burgundy red. A pair of ankle boots – either flat or with heels – work best with this outfit.

16. Try a denim on denim look

Double denim is a trendy fashion style, and it’s easy to wear it with a plain tee. Choose a skinny jeans in medium blue, then add a jean jacket with a color slightly lighter than your jeans. Add a designer purse and some easy platform sneakers, and you’ve got the perfect weekend outfit.

17. Add trendy accessories

On warmer days, you probably don’t want to layer up with jackets, coats or cardigans. You can still wear your T-shirt stylishly by knotting it in the middle, and pairing it with high-waisted distressed jeans. Then, wear a chic leather handbag or crossbody bag with chain strap, strappy sandals and a trendy designer (or designer-like) sunglasses to achieve that rich-girl-on-the-weekend look.

18. Pair it with miniskirt and edgy heels

Show off your long, beautiful legs for an after-hours look. Tuck in a T-shirt (or tie it in a knot at the side), then grab a plain miniskirt and pair it with an edgy heels. Your shirt and shoes will pop against your basic skirt.