Eyelash extensions: Look with a different look

Influencers and celebrities have to convert habituated to lash extensions. Few resist this aesthetic treatment of Eyelashes that allows you to show off a radiant look, even just out of bed, and without makeup. And the boom has also reached the street, where beauty centers to apply eyelash extensions have multiplied. Haven’t the bug bit you yet? In case you are doubting, here is everything you need to know before putting them on.

The eyelash extensions happen to be one of the currently most demanded cosmetic treatments. And not just among the famous. Confidently one of the friends you already has tried it and you use to be bearing in mind it. Awakening up with a glowing look happens to be the dream of several women and with eyelash extensions, it happens to be possible. Those selfies without makeup that celebrities and influencers share on their networks, in addition to filters, hide some secrets, such as eyelash extensions.

First step: choose an approved beauty center

The first point that is advised to you to assess is to look for a center that offers you confidence, because putting yourself in the hands of a good professional is essential to be satisfied with the treatment, and that the eyelash extensions do not damage your natural eyelash. This is usually one of the most common doubts: what will happen to your eyelashes? As long as the correct extension is used there will be no problem. Overload is a very important part to control in this work. The main thing is that the technician guides the client to achieve the result.

Going to a prestigious center also ensures that both the material from which the eyelashes are made, as well as the glue used to adhere to them, have passed the controls established by European Union legislation.

How to put on eyelash extensions
How to put on eyelash extensions

Going to a prestigious center also ensures that both the material from which the eyelashes are made, as well as the glue used to adhere to them, have passed the controls established by experts. The most widespread extensions use to be polyester, silk, or mink hair.

The technique, experts assure you, is painless for the patient. Depending on the number of lashes to be placed, the treatment can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half, because a lot of precision is required to select the densest natural lashes and paste the extension there. Yes, they use glue, but it is a medical glue, approved, and it cannot enter the eye, since during the whole treatment you have to keep your eyes closed.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone, you cannot put them on eyes that have infections or allergies. There is no problem if you wear contact lenses (although you will have to remove them to undergo the treatment), nor if you wear glasses, but you can decide the final curvature of the extensions.

How long do they last?

Eyelash extensions typically last 3-4 weeks. If you happened to be like them and wish to continue trying that sexy look, you have to maintain it every month. This way, the ones that are falling will be replaced. If you don’t want to repeat, just let them fall off and wear your mask again.

Eyelash extensions don’t necessitate distinct care but for the first some days. Do not wet them until 48 hours have passed, they should not be in contact with vapors, saunas, or oils. It is also important that you know that you should not use mascara and eye makeup remover, especially if it contains oils because they would damage the extensions. Yes, you can use makeup removers with a water-base.


They are very fine, soft, and silky. However, when wet, real Mink lashes straighten and you often need to use a curling iron to curl back up. It takes a little longer to apply as the lashes are very thin and you tend to apply more.

Another disadvantage is that, even with a lot of volumes, they are still very natural and soft, so for those clients who want a more dramatic look, it will be better to opt for silk or synthetic ones.