Create Glamorous Looks with Henna

Have you ever wondered what having a tattoo would feel and look like on your skin, but you’re afraid of going under the needle? Or do you love how traditional Indian wedding tattoos look like? Then, maybe a henna tattoo may be the right tattoo for you. Henna tattoos are entirely painless, and the ink that is used is made from a plant-based ink or paste. Aside from that, it naturally fades over time, so you don’t ever have to worry about having a permanent skin mark. The henna tattoo doesn’t just have one shade of color, it also comes in different shades of orange, red, brown, white, and even blue-black. It looks striking in different skin tones. In this article, we are going to talk about henna and the glamorous looks and designs that you can do with it.

What is a Henna Tattoo?

A henna tattoo is a body art that involves drawing designs and patterns on the skin with the use of a henna-based ink, and it doesn’t typically last longer than a month. The henna ink comes from the henna plant that is commonly cultivated in North Africa, the Middle East, and India. To make the henna ink, henna leaves have to be crushed until it turns into a paste, or it can also be dried into a powder. After that, it is mixed with a liquid-like tea, water, or lemon juice. Some artists also like to add honey or sugar to the mixture. After the henna ink has been done, the artist will pipe or brush the henna ink onto the skin using a toothpick or stick and then leave it to dry. The drying process can take some time because this is where the henna begins to stain the skin. Most people may be more familiar with Indian wedding henna tattoos, which are called mehndi. But henna tattoos are also a traditional practice in different places such as Morocco and Egypt.

How Long Can a Henna Tattoo Last?

Henna tattoos are just temporary body art, and they usually fade two to three weeks after it has been tattooed. However, the time it takes for the henna tattoo to disappear always depends on where it is located on your body. Henna tattoos are on the skin that is usually exposed to water, soap, and sunlight, such as your hand tends to fade more quickly. Whereas henna tattoos that are in covered areas can stay fresh longer. But, you can also ensure that henna tattoo will longer by making sure that your skin is thoroughly shaven and exfoliated before applying the henna tattoo.

How Can I Remove My Henna Tattoo?

It can be quite tricky to remove a henna tattoo because the dye tends to stain your skin over time. But if you really want to remove it, silicone-based make-up removers can help soften the ink and lift the color away. However, you might need to apply it several times in order to notice a difference. Hair conditioner mixed with micellar water help remove the henna tattoo. But if you want to make the henna tattoo fade quickly, you can try exfoliating your skin by taking a salt bath soak for at least 20 minutes. After that, you can try using a natural exfoliator such as a sugar scrub to help buff away the tattoo.

Different Henna Tattoo Designs 

Henna Leg Tattoo – Henna leg tattoos are becoming more popular for women. Maybe because they are sexy, feminine, and definitely eye-catching. It also looks good when you wear shorts or a dress. If you want to get a permanent leg tattoo, but you still haven’t made your mind up yet, you can try testing out the design you like in henna first.

White Henna Tattoo – If you have a deeper skin tone or you want to have an eye-catching twist on traditional henna, then a white henna tattoo may be ideal for you. Aside from being unique looking, white henna does not have any part of the henna plant, which means that it does not discolor, bleach, or even stain the skin. White henna tattoo uses a mixture of skin-safe body paint and surgical-grade adhesive. It has the same effect and texture as a real henna tattoo, and it can also be used in the same way. However, but it doesn’t last just as long, you can expect it to wash away within three to ten days.

Henna Tattoo with Meaning – The bridal mehndi in Indian culture is considered to be one of the most meaningful henna tattoos in the world. When the henna is inked on the palms, it is believed that the wearer will receive a handful of blessings. While swan henna tattoos symbolize beauty and success, and the lotus flower is considered to be a sacred Hindu symbol because it is associated with the gods Brahma and Vishnu.

Henna Flower Tattoo – Flowers often represents happiness, and vines and leaves is a sign of devotion. That is why these plant-based designs often seen in wedding henna tattoos. You can create any floral-inspired design with henna and use any art style. Flowers tend to look more feminine and beautiful. They look even better when they are combined with other natural symbols such as butterflies, dragonflies, and birds.

Henna Finger Tattoos – Henna looks appealing when they are applied to the fingers because the color tends to stand out against different skin tones. Popular henna hand tattoo designs are dots, leaves drops, and as well as the full-color ‘dip-dye’ design. Just like any other hand tattoos, henna finger tattoos will always be fully visible all the time. This is why we suggest that you choose an experienced henna artist to apply these tattoos on your fingers.

Henna Wrist Tattoo – Henna tattoos also look good when it is applied to your hands and wrist. Whether you choose a compact bracelet-style design or just plants and flowers, you can expect your henna wrist tattoo to stand out. A henna wrist tattoo that has become a trend as of the moment is the mandala lotus. This design combines the sacred Hindu symbols of divinity, eternity, and purity to create a beautiful final look.

Henna Thigh Tattoo – The thigh is a trending tattoo location for women. Because it is not only a sexy area for body art, this location also gives you plenty of space to do a bigger and more complex henna tattoo design. You can also ask your henna artist to use their skills to the full effect because it has no space limitations. Henna thigh tattoos are perfect for the warmer months because it will take your bikini or beach outfit to the next level.

Henna Ankle Tattoo – Henna ankle tattoos are a little more subtle and dainty compared to other locations in the body because they can be easily covered up. Henna ankle tattoos are completely painless when they are applied compared to regular ankle tattoos, which is considered as one of the most painful parts. Henna ankle tattoos often look like anklets and foot jewelry. They give you a beautiful feminine look, and they pair well with heels or sandals.