How to Choose The Best Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways to define yourself, your beliefs, a quirk, a penchant, or even demonstrate love. If you’ve decided to finally get your tats done, your next step will be choosing the right tattoo artist. In this article, I would walk you through How to Choose the best tattoo artists.

Choosing the Best Tattoo Artist

A tattoo is often a big deal, not only because of what it represents or the societal defiance but because it is a piece of ink that will be on your skin forever and it involves sharp objects and your skin. In choosing the best tattoo artist, you should consider the following;

  1. Ask for Recommendations; in your search for the best tattoo artist, give yourself a boost by seeking recommendations from friends, family, and anyone whose tattoo you admire. This usually makes for less research time.
  2. Cleanliness; the tattoo studio must be clean. Even if there is the home of the greatest tattoo artist that ever lived and it’s dirty, that is a NO. There should be basic rules of hygiene adhered to such as the one person one needle rule, tissue paper, and of course gloves; disposable gloves. You wouldn’t want to get infections, do you? So a dirty studio is a NO.
  3. Research; before going through the door of any tattoo studio, you should have done accurate research. You could also call it stalking. The thing is, you wouldn’t want a case of what I ordered versus what I got. Search their Social Medias for proofs of jobs well done, search their website for reviews and also ask for references just to be extra sure.
  4. Professionalism; before scheduling your tattoo session, go to the studio and speak with the employees. See things for yourself and determine if this is a good place to get a PERMANENT tattoo done. Yes, it is a big deal. Speak to the artists and ask the hard questions, be calm and relaxed enough to observe their body movements and facial reactions while answering the questions.
  5. Experience; before settling for a particular artist, ensure the artist is experienced in drawing tattoos and more importantly, drawing the tattoos you want. Of course, you must have an idea of what you want, be it butterflies or the treble clef or an anime character, ask for previous samples of the tattoo artist doing just that. Only go for a tattoo artist that has vast experience in drawing that you want.
  6. Check Out the Prices; in general, tattoos are expensive, but it’s no issue if you get value for money. Some styles are more technical than others and as such, more expensive, do your research well and find a tattoo you’d love that fits your budget, and the go-ahead to have them done.
  7. Check out many studios; for your tattoo, you would want the best artist on the job, and what better way to get the best than by casting your bread upon many glasses of water. Take your time even though you want the tattoo done so badly, you wouldn’t just want to do it anywhere so you do not regret it later. Be Picky and Seek perfection.


Tattoos are a demonstration of pop culture and a way to outwardly express yourself. They could be anything from a chick, sweet and small to bold, daring, and definite. However, you choose to express yourself through a tattoo, ensure you have it drawn by a professional only, even if it’s expensive, it’ll be worth it eventually.