How To Have Great Hair By Developing A Routine

What an irony!! Ladies would spend a whole lot to get their hair done, they would spend extra bucks to buy hair extensions, in essence paying so much attention to the outward appearance of the hair, but they are not as concerned about keeping healthy hair. This can be likened to buying or wearing expensive clothes on a sick body. That is not too reasonable, right? No, it’s not!

However, I do not blame some ladies as they are not aware that their hair is a diamond that must be treasured and taken care of. You see, most of these salons do not even help matters as most of the owners themselves are poorly oriented too. You know one can only give what they have, so you can visit the hair salon Santa Cruz, for a free consultation or to get your hair a good treatment.

Oops! I don’t even know how to start!

Chill, continue reading and you would discover it is quite easy.

Maintaining healthy hair is not a very difficult thing to do. All you have to begin with is developing a simple hair routine. I am about to share some tips on how to go about that, watch out!

First of all, Know Your Hair Type. Variations make us who we all are and unique in our ways- shapes of faces, skin colors, our noses are either different in sizes or how they are positioned, etc. So also are our hair types, they differ and range from dry, oily, wavy, curly, straight, thick, to fine hair. This earned this tip its significance, as that would determine the type of treatments you give your hair and the kind of hair products you apply to them.

The next important thing is washing your hair. This is very necessary as most of the hair products we apply on our hair when getting our hair done leave residues that would not come off unless they are thoroughly washed off. Hence, hair should be washed when it is unclean, not just because you feel like “soaking” your hair in the water.

More so, do not wash with hot water. Don’t!!! Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin, and scientifically, heat denatures protein. This means you are doing your hair more harm than good when you wash it with hot water. Also avoid the use of hot tools like hair straighteners on your hair, except you apply heat protector before using them or hair dryers, allow your hair to air-dry.

Comb your hair when wet with a wide-tooth comb now, and not a brush. This makes detangling easy and you don’t get your hair pulled off or damaged by using a brush. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that!

Trim your hair ends! I am screaming this because I can guess what your thoughts are. It would not make your hair shorter, you’re not cutting it. You are simply taking off the split ends to get yourself healthy hair.

I wish you a healthy hair life as you develop and remain devoted to this modest routine!