How to Pick Women Sunglasses Online

Are you struggling to think about what kind of gift to give your special woman? Whether it is for her birthday, or for your anniversary, sunglasses is one of the best items you can give your girl. Fortunately, sunglasses never go out of style. Apart from that, sunglasses are economical, practical and easy to look for.

Typically, visiting a physical store is probably the best option to check and take a good look at the item, if your time and schedule permit. Good thing there are various sunglasses shops where you can opt to buy women sunglasses online.

If you are thinking of getting a pair of sunglasses for a woman in your life, knowing some basic things to consider is important to make sure she will be happy with your present. Below are some basic tips that will help you score the perfect pair of sunglasses for your girl.

Consider the frame size

Gifting a pair of sunglasses is like giving a pair of shoes or a dress. You should take into consideration its size because no one wants to receive ill-fitting clothes and accessories. So you have to be very keen on looking for the right sunglasses size. Be sure that you are getting the right and complementing size to her face. If you don’t want to leave yourself guessing your entire shopping time, go and ask her directly.

But if you are going to surprise her, try asking her closest family members and friends. Another option is to spy around her things or simply observe the size of her eyewear she is regularly using.

Smaller frames look better on small faces. If your girl’s face is relatively small, a petite frame will best complement her face. On the other hand, if her face is quite larger than most women, larger frames or frames with heavy designs will best suit her look.

However, when buying women sunglasses online, you need to be cautious and try not to click the purchase button too soon. Because choosing the right frame size is one of the most problematic parts of online shopping. Some online shops do not include the item specifications in the product description. But legit ones often have actual measurements listed – from the sunglasses’ frames to bridge to temple measurements.

Try to find out the material of the sunglasses

The performance and quality of the sunglasses solely depend on the materials being used. If you want to impress her, level up your effort to look for something that is high quality – not rigid, not too shiny, not too much plastic-looking. If she is always on her toes and loves the outdoors, you might want to consider buying her sunglasses made out of sturdy materials so it will not easily break off or crack.

Materials like titanium and polycarbonate are the usual materials used for outdoor frames. These materials are undeniably good in quality but some people are allergic to these materials. So it is better to ask her if she is allergic to a particular type of metal or plastic since most of the frames are made using these materials.

Another thing to take into consideration is the right choice of lens. Buy her something that will complete her look but does not neglect her safety, comfort and quality of her vision. You can go for high-grade optical lenses to ensure that she still maintains her crystal-clear eyesight. A smart move would be to buy cheap women’s polarized sunglasses online from Humps Optics, as they offer designer pieces that can last for years.

Review her face shape

There are three basic face shapes – oval, heart-shaped and square-shaped. Face shapes dictate the kind of sunglasses frame or style that will best compliment a person. Below are the face shapes and the frame styles that best complement them:

Oval face shape – frames with bold patterns and loud colours might be a good option. Someone who has this face shape tends to widen the forehead area so buying something that has a prominent bridge will help blur or soften the appearance.

Heart-shaped face – buy a pair of sunglasses that has more designs on the bottom part to balance the heart-shaped attributes of her face.

Square face shape – someone who has this face shape has prominent cheekbones and jawlines. So softer styles will work for them as those with slimmer, thinner and rimless frames.

Buying women sunglasses online is quite tricky. It requires patience and a meticulous eye to get the perfect pair of specs for your special woman. Make sure to buy only from legitimate shops and sellers, and well-recognized brands to keep you away from scam and keep your transaction smooth.