Wedding Guide: How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Venue

A wedding is a once-in-lifetime event that takes a lot of time to prepare for. Almost every wedding aspect is optimal, right from choosing the most delicious wedding cake, the flowers, wedding favor gifts, wedding theme, reception, and most importantly, the wedding venue.

Deciding on the best wedding venue is more challenging than choosing the Springbok Casino Bonus when looking for the most trusted online casinos to place your bets.

Your wedding venue is where you plan to walk down the aisle and have a party with friends and family. It’s the center of this special event. Therefore, you want to ensure you don’t make any mistakes when choosing the perfect venue to host the wedding. Here is what you should do to improve your chances of landing the best wedding venue.

1. Choose a general location first

The first step to choosing the best wedding venue is deciding first on your wedding’s general location. In the past, most people would host a wedding in the bride’s hometown. However, today, things have changed to more flexible.

You can host your wedding anywhere you like as long as you’re both comfortable with the location. Your wedding location choice is very important because it can determine your wedding budget and the kind of venue you opt for.

2. Set a budget

There are multiple options for a wedding venue, but you can only land on one that suits your budget. Therefore, figure out your wedding budget and the amount you’ve allocated for booking a wedding venue before going for any offers from your wedding planner.

Consider how much you’re likely to spend in designing the venue to fit your wedding theme. Some venues offer in-house catering charged at a price per plate. Find out whether your budget can meet such costs before choosing a wedding venue for the big day. Look for the most affordable spaces in your location and ones that require minimal designing if you’ve set a fixed budget for the venue.

3. Go through the guest list

How many guests are you expecting on your wedding day? This is a very important question you must answer before setting foot to find your wedding venue. The amount of space you need for the wedding reception depends on how many guests will be attending your wedding.

You are likely to be in a tough situation after choosing a small space, and most people you sent the wedding invitation cards RSVP ‘yes.’ Know how many guests you are inviting to the wedding before going out to look for a venue. This way, you can avoid the headaches of guessing how much space you need.

4. Guest’s experience 

Another factor you should consider most when choosing your wedding venue is the guest’s experience. If most of your guests are traveling from far to attend the wedding, you want to ensure they get the best experience when you host them. That said, you have to choose a wedding venue that is a bit close to a hotel.

Choose a hotel that can accommodate your guests comfortably. Don’t rely on the maximum room capacity to determine if a venue is suitable for your guests. Ask the venue managers how many guests they can host comfortably. You also want to consider the venue’s fire code and relate it to the number of guests you’re hosting on the wedding day. This is the only way to be sure that you’ve chosen the best wedding venue for your entire guest list.

5. Consider your visions 

When choosing a wedding venue, you should consider the aesthetics you want for your wedding. For a modern wedding, you can consider a warehouse and well-designed restaurant spaces. If your wedding incorporates natural elements, outdoor venues like ranches, backyards, and parks can fit you well.

Always choose a wedding venue that marches your wedding vision and aesthetics. This is the best way to connect your wedding theme to space. Only pick venues that fit your wedding theme if you want to have the most memorable wedding in town.

6. Weigh different option you have in mind 

Most people will always pick the first wedding venue that comes to mind without considering such venues’ ups and downs. That said, it important that you visit at least three venues in your favorite location before choosing the best one.

Discuss all the options with your family and partner before picking any venue. You want to confirm that the venue meets all your specs before picking it for this special day.

The easiest way to choose between different venues is to prepare a list of each venue’s pros and cons. Weigh each venue’s costs and benefits and involve your partner in picking the most convenient and affordable venue for your wedding.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best wedding venue should not be that hectic if you have all your specs on the table. A good way to start is to read monthly publications meant to help brides plan their wedding.  Then, prepare a list of items you want your ideal venue to have before taking that step to visit different venues. This article has highlighted some factors you should consider most when picking an ideal wedding venue.