Pocket squares: complimenting men’s fashion

If there were anything that would make a suit a lot smoother and elegant in the eyes of the beholder, it would be men’s pocket squares. Earlier, pocket squares were the height of fashion back in Australia’s old days.

Pocket squares have slowly gained their significance recently with many famous actors adorning them at the red carpets. It is a comfortable place for keeping a handkerchief and brings out the charisma of a suit.

Men’s pocket squares represent the craftsmanship’s prowess; their precise placement makes them almost blend in with the suit. Pocket squares help in bringing out the traditional touch in a modern jacket or suit.

A pocket square usually indicates a well-respected and civilized way of dressing and was usually captivating to the eyes. From Egypt and Greece to the French and European culture, pocket squares have continued to adorn men’s fashion even now in the 21st century.

Pocket Squares and Their Purpose

In ancient times, pocket squares denoted wealth and significance among the nobles. Various colors and textures represented class and stature and were a common element of jackets and suits back in the olden days; made from expensive materials with different shapes and sizes that suited the wearer’s needs.

In the modern era, pocket squares are practical and elegant to hold a handkerchief for suits and jackets. It also does a great job of subtly enhancing the tone of the suit piece.

Apart from contributing to the aesthetic of the suit, it can come in handy to blow one’s nose, clean up a spill, or even wipe the sweat off the forehead or brow.

Choosing A Pocket Square

  • Design: It should blend in with the jacket or suit piece and not stand out. It shouldn’t be visually disturbing as this can be off-putting for the overall design. A pocket square should be a compliment to a suit.
  • Matching Colours:  It’s better to pick a design that can enhance a suit’s style rather than match the colors. Choosing the best design is a proper work of art, not a scientific move.
  • Patterns: A patterned suit will do better with a plain pocket square design and vice versa. Similarly, a dark-colored suit can have a lighter colored handkerchief adorned pocket square to compliment and conversely too.
  • Smoothness: A pocket square should look smooth and not wrinkled. The cloth should be well placed and not irregular as this can be visually uncomfortable and throws off the suit’s blend.
  • Folds: Try out different folds and patterns of the pocket squares and see how well they go with colors and designs of different suits. Experimentation is the next best thing to get the perfect matching design.
  • Purpose: Most pocket squares adorn the suits for formal functions and other important occasions. In the olden days, it used to represent purpose and responsibility. Now it’s considered as a markup for a suit’s fashion.

As an ideal touch for an elegantly sophisticated style, a pocket square is always the perfect way to splash the old tradition’s charm into the modern ones of a suit or a jacket.

Being a very subtle way to improve an outfit’s visual appeal, there is no doubt that pocket squares can still be an icon for fashion designs for various suits, jackets, coats, and uniforms for many more years to come.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.