How to Prevent Being Embarrassed with Incontinence

There are a lot of moments that a person may get embarrassed in front of others. However, losing control of your bladder and peeing involuntarily in public is probably one of the most embarrassing situations that you can be in. This problem is called urinary incontinence. While people can buy incontinence products online, it is best to know the condition.

What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is the body’s inability to control the bladder in releasing urine. This condition is classified as medical and is a common problem that causes many embarrassing moments for people suffering from it. The severity of incontinence may range from a urine leak with a strong sneeze or cough to more severe such as not getting to a urinal on time.

While incontinence is associated with ageing, it is not inevitable, which means that medical treatment and lifestyle changes can help control or stop incontinence.

What are the Symptoms of Incontinence?

People with urinary incontinence may occasionally experience minor leaks of urine while doing their normal daily activities. Others may involuntarily urinate in small to moderate amounts without reaching the toilet.

  • Stress. This type of incontinence is when the urine leak occurs when your bladder experiences pressure from laughing, exercising, sneezing, or coughing.
  • Urge. This incontinence type has symptoms that include an immediate urge to urinate, followed by the release of urine without reaching the toilet. This type may be caused by infection, diabetes, or a neurological disorder.
  • Overflow. This type of incontinence symptom is the constant dripping of urine when you fail to empty your bladder.
  • Functional. This incontinence is caused by a physical or mental impairment that keeps you from reaching the toilet in time to urinate properly. An example of this is when you are unable to unbutton your pants quickly enough due to arthritis.

How Can You Prevent Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is not a disease but a medical condition that can be treated using medications or a lifestyle change. If you are not elderly, you can help decrease your risk of having urinary incontinence by maintaining a healthy weight. Studies show that obese people have strong risk factors associated with incontinence and that losing weight may reduce incontinence.  It would help if you also avoided bladder irritants such as coffee and alcohol. Highly acidic foods are also known to initiate incontinence. Practising pelvic floor exercises are also shown to reduce incontinence. Likewise, eating food rich in fibre can help prevent constipation and regulate your bowel and urinary movements.

How Can You Prevent Being Embarrassed by Incontinence?

If you are suffering from incontinence, you should immediately seek advice from your doctor for treatment. In the meantime, you can prevent yourself from being embarrassed with involuntary urination by purchasing incontinence products online. There are a lot of products that help you deal with incontinence.

Disposable Undergarments. Adult pull-on diapers and briefs are available for people suffering from moderate to heavy incontinence. These incontinence products can absorb high leak volume while being undetectable under daily clothing. The latest incontinence pull-on diapers and briefs are gender-specific and are made from comfortable fabric. For people suffering from mild urinary incontinence, there are incontinence products online that are reusable and look like ordinary underwear. The only difference is that these underwear have pockets where incontinence pads are placed to absorb the leaks. People who suffer from mild to severe incontinence need not shy away from the public eye because of their conditions. There are incontinence products online that will help them avoid embarrassment while they seek permanent treatments for their conditions.

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