Why Investing in Yourself is the Best Decision you Can Make

All the wealth you generate, by definition, comes through you and your qualities. By analysing and improving those qualities, you can therefore increase your money-making potential. Not only that, you can profoundly improve your quality of life. This is especially possible if you’re the sort of person who spends their time rushing from one task to the next without ever stopping to reflect and take stock of the most critical asset: yourself!

Review your Strengths and Weaknesses

When organisations want to avoid costly mistakes and systemic errors, they commission a review. An individual might do the same thing: take stock of the things you’re good at, and the things that you’re not so good at. You might ask a few trusted colleagues to chip in their opinions. Once you’ve got this information, you can see exactly what you need to improve.

While certain negative traits might seem innate and immutable, they can often be eliminated by developing a contrary habit. A lack of punctuality might be addressed by getting into the habit of turning up early to every appointment for a day, a week, a month, and then a year. A lack of personal skills might be addressed by throwing yourself into social situations, where you can practice.

Make your Skillset Resilient

Of course, punctuality and social skills are transferrable between industries. But what about harder skills that might be particular to a given trade? If an economic shock causes a particular industry to crash, then you might find yourself needing to quickly retrain to make ends meet. But if your skillset is already diverse, then you’ll have already done this. The amount of investment in workplace training was recently identified by the CBI as an important component of any post-Covid recovery.

What about Aesthetics?

People who feel good about the way that they look often find that they gain more confidence, and generally enjoy an upsurge in performance. Cosmetic surgery is the most drastic intervention, here – but it will only be effective if there isn’t a deeper psychological component to your dissatisfaction. If you’re tempted by cosmetic surgery, then be sure that you’ve considered your reasons carefully, and that you’ve exhausted other options.

Honing your Mind

Certain meditative practices, like mindfulness, confer huge benefits to the way you view and think about the world. They make it easier to control impulsive behaviour, and to recognise and deal with unhelpful emotions that might be getting in the way. Take them as seriously as you take physical exercise, and for the same reason.