Why You Should Avoid Using Expired Makeup Products?

Every makeup has an expiration date after that the product is no longer safe for use. Unfortunately, many makeup brands, especially the ones following American rules fail to mention expiration dates. However, it does not mean that the product is safe to use for the rest of your life.

Using expired products such as foundation, powder blushes, mascaras, lash glue, lipsticks, and other supplies can cause serious skin issues. You never know when your lipsticks are causing allergic reactions. If you are not willing to throw away your expensive foundation even after its oils have been separated, then here are some compelling reasons why you should instantly upgrade your old makeup supplies.

1. Expired Foundations Cause Skin Allergies

When you keep using your expired makeup products, you can suffer from severe allergic reactions on your skin. Your skin may develop rashes that cause pain and irritation.

Skin Allergies and eczema can not only spread but also become worse if you keep on using expired products. Therefore, if you see your foundation separating oils from the heavy cream, then you should just let the bottle go. This process usually takes approximately 3 years after opening the bottle. However, even the sealed foundations may expire if their preservatives start to break down.

2. Old Products Promote Bacterial Infections

You may experience very serious acne and breakdown on your face after using old and expired products. Bacterial infections are quite common with makeup products no matter if they are cream-based or powder-based.

Bacteria may start to grow on your eyeshadow palettes, mascara wands, and other makeup products. If you keep on using these contaminated makeup products, thus bacteria may transfer to your skin and cause very serious problems.

3. Eye Makeup Can Cause Eye Diseases

You can develop very serious eye infections if you are not careful with your lash supplies, mascaras, and eyeliners. Make sure that you upgrade your lash supplies collection after every three to six months. Eye infections can be very serious and if you take them lightly, you might end up losing your eye.

When you apply mascara with a wand, then bacteria on your eyelashes may transfer on the wand and then into the bottle. If the wand touches the eyes, or if you put eyeliners on your waterline, then eye infections can become more serious with contamination.

4. Poor Application Of Products

Most of all expired and cheap quality products may make it extremely difficult for artists to apply the product effectively. For example, if you are using an expired foundation, it will always appear blotchy and it will not settle well on your skin. No matter how many different professional techniques you use to let the base sit on your skin, it will always appear patchy and cakey.

Similarly, expired mascara may appear flaky. If you put on expired mascara, your lashes will become hard. The formula may also start to crumble and if you put the mascara on your lashes, it will be difficult to manage the look.