5 Unconventional Things Couples Should Try Often

Being together as a couple takes more than mushy conversations, cozy hugs, and romantic gestures. You have to think outside the box to keep the excitement alive for a healthy relationship in the long run. It is easy to lose the spark when there is nothing new to do, even when you spend enough quality time together. Although there isn’t a tried and tested formula to keep a romantic bond thriving, you can experiment a bit to spice up your love life. Here are some unconventional things couples should try often.

Venture out of your comfort zone

Venturing out of your comfort zone together can bring the magic back into your relationship. Try something that scares you, whether skydiving, bungee jumping, or walking on a nude beach. The thrill of stepping into the unknown brings you closer together and takes mutual trust to the next level. You can even try smaller adventures like cooking a new dish, learning an instrument, or playing a game.

Pretend to be strangers

The idea of beginning afresh is alluring, but you need not do it with someone else. Bring passion back into your relationship by pretending to be perfect strangers. You may plan a day out separately or even move out to a hotel room for a couple of days. Meet each other randomly, and give a new start to your relationship. You will surely love every moment of rediscovering each other.

Experiment more in the bedroom

Most couples tend to miss out on intimacy because the bedroom becomes a boring place after a few years of togetherness. Commit to experimenting in the bedroom as often as possible. Indulge in roleplaying, try different positions, and have kinky conversations. A real whizzinator XXX makes a perfect aid to rekindle intimacy. Try these unconventional ideas to make your bedroom a place for fun and pleasure with your partner.

Get a digital detox

A digital detox can do wonders for your relationship besides freeing up your mental space. Spending more time with your devices and social media means losing out on quality time with your partner. Try this unique idea once a month to get things back on track. Disconnect with everything else and reconnect with your soulmate. A couple’s detox is a chance to bond in the old-school way as you focus only on each other.

Take a break from everything else

Taking a break from work, kids, friends, and family are apparently easy, but people seldom do it. You may feel guilty and selfish about indulging in romance, but this strategy makes you a happier couple. A healthy relationship has a positive impact on your life. So the practice is worthwhile. You deserve time together and apart from others. You can plan a getaway with your partner once a year and leave everything behind to reclaim your love and intimacy.

These unconventional ideas can strengthen your bond and take your relationship to the next level. Try these often, and you will never miss out on the spark again!