6 Sustainable Fashion Styles To Try

Creating sustainable fashion or clothing is a daunting one. Sometimes, you might not even be able to wear the styles or brands you are used to, therefore restricting your trend choices. Sometimes you might even need to spend more than you usually spend.

Though the above concerns might be valid, it is not quite hard to get sustainable fashion styles that you can try. Below are some of the sustainable fashion styles that you can try.

Let’s get started on them:


Skinny jeans, wide-legged jeans, or flared jeans are off; it’s the season for pants. Most of the sustainable loungewear pants are the current fashion styles that might stick around for years.

With various examples, these sustainable lounge wears are made from organic cotton sourced from natural raw materials and environmentally friendly processes.

Plant leathers

As against vegan leathers, usually made from natural fibers or pure plastic, plant leathers like cactus are good sustainable fashion style options to try. Cactus fibers are strong thus need fewer polymers.

In addition, plant leathers make other clothing accessories like high heels, trainers, belts, and even handbags. However, cactus leather is not the only sustainable plant leather style to try. There are mushrooms, bananas, and apple-based leather that you can try.

Mini Dresses

You might think the days of mini dresses and skirts are gone, however, they are making a comeback. One of the sustainable styles to try out currently are mini-dresses of various fabrics like upcycled polyester, ethical denim, and vegan leather.

The Reformation, whose Maya mini dresses are made from about 95% Tencel modal fibers. Such fibers are wood-based fibers processed from sustainably managed beechwood forests found in Central and Northern Europe. Beechwood trees usually yield two times more fiber than cotton plants.

Tiny Tops

Tiny tops are one of the sustainable fashion styles to try. The best part of this styling is that they come in various forms and shapes.

Sometimes they could be midriff-baring tops with sleeves, crop tops with voluminous sleeves, or camis with spaghetti straps. Moreover, tiny tops are sometimes made from loose organic cotton tight-fitting knits that feature TENCEL Lyocell fiber.

Sustainable Knits

Recycled wool for knitwear has been on the rise as a trendy style for a while. Knits are soft on the skin, and the source of materials is quite humane.

Additionally, recycled wool knits are classical, simple, and perfect to achieve a French girl style. You can add heels or jewelry to look glamorous or trainers or leggings to look low profile.

3D Printed Clothes and Accessories

3D printed clothes and accessories were not common till now. They are fast becoming a top sustainable fashion style, though more common in accessories like bags and shoes.

These fashion pieces come in various kinds of eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton. As a plus, they tend to be comfy, roomy, and suitable for all body types.

Final Words

The fashion industry contributes to the world’s pollution, both literally and not. Now, most fashion companies and brands are about ethical commitments. However, with the expensive nature of sustainable fashion styles, trying the above options can benefit your wardrobe.