How to Do Your First Teenage Skincare Routine with The Face Shop

Teenage years are filled with happiness and making memories, so it’s paramount to keep your skin fresh and healthy. As a teenager, your first skincare routine should be as mild and minimal as possible. Your younger skin is still capable of bouncing back to its natural glow and rejuvenates itself back to health during sleep.

Since you have no idea what ingredients and brands your skin would react to yet, start by using all-natural, Korean beauty products because their main philosophy is making your skin healthy and beautiful. Gradually introduce the products to your face so that you can identify which ones trigger allergies or breakouts. Less is more, so don’t overwhelm your skin.

Now here are the four necessary steps of your first teenage skincare routine using The Face Shop products:

1. Cleanse

You need to double cleanse after wearing sunscreen or cosmetics to remove all traces of these products. Double cleansing means using an oil-based cleanser on your first wash and use a regular foaming cleanser for your second wash. Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil and Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam are two products that are great for young teenage skin.

Puberty will cause breakouts on your teenage skin, so having a proper routine of makeup and sunscreen removal will go a long way in terms of prevention. You only need to double cleanse when you wear both sunscreen and makeup; on ordinary days, use a regular cleanser.

For your morning routine, wash your face with water to clean out residue from the night before and give your face proper hydration. Within the day, you can use a blotting paper or handkerchief to wipe oil and sweat from your face.

2. Tone

Before the popularity of Korean skincare, toners used to be known for their high alcohol content and burning sensation. These alcoholic toners are a complete no-no for your young teenage skin. Korean beauty products changed the game as their toners can soften, hydrate, and prep your skin into receiving the benefits of the other products that follow.

Hydrating toners can help balance your skin’s pH after cleansing to prevent your face from drying. White Seed Brightening Toner is a well-loved product that’s great for young skin.

3. Moisturize

You can moisturize after toning your skin. Korean beauty products have a massive selection of emulsions and creams. It is best to browse through the products and read some reviews, so you will know which is the best match for your skin type. There are different kinds of moisturizers available for teenage skin.

The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion or The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream are some of the options you should consider as they are great even for sensitive skin. The benefits of both products are that they can keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for an extended period. 

4. Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is the most critical step that you should practice at an early age. As a teen, you are more prone to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays because you have a lot of outdoor activities inside and outside the school. UVA and UVB rays are particularly dangerous as they can cause cancer, and they are some of the leading causes of your skin’s premature aging. 

Prevent these problems by committing to a lifetime of using sunscreen, no matter the weather. The Face Shop Power Long-lasting Sunscreen Stick should be added to your skincare routine because they give you full support and protection for hours. Korea-made sunscreens are famous for their awesome scent, and they are light on the skin, which makes it easy for everyday use.

Final Thoughts

You can gradually add more products as you age and customize your skincare routine to make it age-appropriate. Your main goal should be to eliminate any harmful elements like oil, dirt, and sebum to keep your skin’s healthy state. Don’t use any products made exclusively for 20s or 30s skin.

For now, keep your teenage skincare routine simple and start forming good habits. You can always seek professional help or do proper research online. Eventually, you will learn which products suit best for your skin because entering a new world of skincare is always trial and error.