Ways to Pass the Time at the Salon

For most women, keeping their hairs, nails, and lashes gorgeous is very important. These include haircuts, hair dyes, nail arts, lash extensions, or whatever things that can be done in the salon. But to be able to achieve wonderful results, you might need to wait for some hours. You might be excited to go to the salon while planning out what you want to do with your hair or nails. However, once you’re under the foil, you might feel bored waiting for your hair to get straight, curled, or colored. But time commitment is really required if you want beautiful results.

If are heading to the salon soon to get some hair treatments, you might think of things to fight off boredom. To help you out, here are some of the different ways you can do to pass the time at the salon.

Read Magazines or Books

One of the best things that you can do while waiting for your hair to get done in the salon is to read magazines or books. If you have a book you wanted to read for so long but haven’t found the time to do so, you can bring that to the salon. There are also some salons that offer magazines that you can read while they work on your hair. When you read, you’ll be able to learn too and be amazed by the outcome of your hairstyle after a few hours. 

Listen to Music

Waiting at the salon is also a great opportunity to discover new music. While they are fixing your hair, you can scroll through music apps like Spotify or YouTube Music to hunt for new songs. You can try listening to new bands or artists that you haven’t listen to yet. Doing that can keep you occupied for a while, and maybe help you stay out of boredom for at least half of your appointment. 

Play Games on Your Phone or Tablet

If you are not into reading, then you can also play games on your phone or tablet while waiting for your hair treatments to be done in the salon. There are lots of free games that you can download, and they can keep you entertained for hours. If you have an internet connection or if they offer a free connection in the salon, you can also play online casino games on your phone or tablet like what slotocash offers, which can surely keep you occupied until your hair treatment gets done. 

Do Crossword Puzzles

You can also use the time at the salon to do your crossword puzzles. Solving crossword puzzles is fun. They will make you use your vocabulary, reasoning, and even spelling abilities, which can all sharpen your mind and make you learn something new, too, as you wait in the salon.

Browse Through Social Media Posts

Waiting in the salon is also a great opportunity to be updated in the social media world. You can pass the time by browsing through different social media posts by your family and friends. You can also share some photos that you’ve been meaning to post but can’t find time to do so during your busy weeks at work. You can also chat with your friends or family members as you wait for your hair treatments to be finished. 

Start a Conversation with the People at the Salon

getting hair blow dried in the salon
If you get tired of browsing through your phone, or if you’re getting your nails done, you can also pass the time by starting a conversation with your hairstylist or nail technician. You can ask them interesting things about their job, or maybe get some future recommendations on what hair treatments or nail arts you should try next. This will make your stay in the salon a little less boring. 

Watch Movies

There are also some salons that have televisions where they play movies for their customers to watch. But if your salon does not have one, you can always watch movies on your phone or tablet via streaming apps. If internet connection is your issue, then you can download movies from these apps at home before you head out to the salon. Watching a movie while getting your hair done will surely keep you entertained the entire time that you’re in the salon. 

Read Work Emails

If your inbox at work is flooded with messages, then waiting in the salon is the perfect time to read those emails. You can also answer some of the important ones to lessen your work when you get back at work. When you finish reading your emails, you can also work on your to-do-list for the upcoming week and have your schedule planned out. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, getting your hair done and your work organized.   In between emails check out https://s-bobet.com for great options. 

Take a Nap

If you feel tired or did not get enough sleep the night before your salon appointment, you can close your eyes and doze off while your hairstylist works on your treatments. It is actually a good opportunity to catch some zzzz. Just don’t fall into a deep sleep, as you still need to check on your hairdresser if he or she is doing the right thing to your hair. Dozing off for a while can be very relaxing. 

Go Together with a Friend

If you want your salon experience to be less boring and more fun, why not go together with a friend. This way, you will have someone to talk to and bond with, during your whole time in the salon. In fact, getting their hair and nails done is one of the best bonding activities for most women today. It is one of the things that can make them feel relaxed and less stressed after busy days from work. 

These are some of the best ways we can recommend to pass the time at the salon. We hope that these activities will be able to help you in making your salon appointments less boring.