How to Avoid Under Eye Puffiness

Eye puffiness, commonly known as having an Eye Bag, is probably one of the biggest factors of appeal to women. When women do have eye bags, many of them try to immediately go for a surgical treatment while others just start experimenting around with many eye creams. However, with a little bit of precaution, you won’t even have any eye bags at all. In case you do, there are easy ways to treat them. Read more to find out!

What is Eye Puffiness?

In medical terms, eye puffiness is a condition where the area below the eyes is swelled which could be due to excessive fluids surrounding the skin tissue. The eyes appear to be puffed mainly because the skin around the eyes is very thin causing swelling easily. In severe cases, there is extreme discoloration of the skin towards the darker color. Although eye puffiness is usually a medical issue that can be treated, in certain cases, it is a kind of genetic problem too. You may have adapted it via your parents. 

Avoiding Eye Puffiness

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is something that is important for all of us but is usually neglected by many men and women today. One of the most important reasons why eye bags occur is when you don’t have sufficient sleep. Now many women might think that they are getting 7 hours of sleep every day which is suitable for an average human being but the truth is, it’s not sufficient for everyone. 

The reason why some people will not have 7 to 8 hours of sleep as enough is because they are working too much. The rules are simple – You work more, you rest more. A person who stays at home all day with not much physical or mental activity might be having 5 to 6 hours of sleep which is enough but not for someone with a lot of active physical and mental work. A few doctors might even have the eye bags because some of them undergo long 24-hour shifts making it highly stressful for them to proceed without any proper rest. 

Therefore, it is always advised to take an ample amount of rest after work. It is suggested that if you work for 8 hours a day, the ideal amount of sleep would also be 8 hours. In case you work 10 or more hours a day, this is over exhausting and could cause you eye puffiness. The best way would be to take a rest for almost 9 to 10 hours to avoid any kind of eye bag. 

Avoid Stress

Easier said than done, right? – But when it comes to eye bags, GlamFam can surely try to do it for maximizing their eye beauty. Stress is directly related to a range of derma-care problems including eye puffiness. Many women cry a lot which results in eye bags while others tend to not take a rest even when they can. Insomnia is also a consequence of stress in many cases which can lead to eye bags and even dark circles. 

Therefore, even if a woman is having 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep every day, the swelling below the eyes could be an outcome of taking extra tension. Avoiding stress is not easy but the treatment is. Visit a psychiatrist and consult regarding your problems. The doctor will advise you on the best course of medicine as well as a series of activities to ensure that you are on the right life path. Fun Fact – Try taking some “stress” for your facial features, you might forget the other one! 


Keep in mind that some people may have eye puffiness due to certain allergies. These allergies may be seasonal or all-year-round. For example, some women do have allergic reactions to certain cosmetic products. Others may even have them when cutting vegetables like Onions. Once you notice the eye bags, we suggest you immediately stop with the creams that were being used earlier. 

In addition to that, when someone has pain in the eyes due to allergies, they are most likely to rub the eyes causing them to swell even more. For all kinds of allergic reactions, you need to consult the doctor to evaluate the extent of your symptoms as well as figure out the exact problem. The doctor may prescribe you certain medications such as retinol cream, antihistamine, or others which may result in improvement. 

Stop Alcohol and Consume Water

Alcohol and water may be directly related to your eye bags. Eye puffiness occurs when there is dehydration in the body – a condition where there is a very low amount of water inside the body. Alcohol is something that can aid more dehydration because it reduces the level of Vasopressin in the body. Vasopressin allows the body to hold the water and lowering it would lead to reducing the control of Kidneys on the urine. As a result, you would urinate more causing excessive dehydration. 

Therefore, if you do have any eye bags, we do recommend that you instantly stop the consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, consuming water in an ample amount would be useful for the body. Experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water with an 8-ounce volume in each. In case you don’t remember this, setting up a reminder on the cell phone will surely help out. Keep a refillable bottle with you at all times. 

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Use Tea Bags

This may sound odd to you but research has proven that if you use tea bags on your eyes, they will reduce the inflammatory effects making the eye puffiness go away. This occurs due to a certain amount of caffeine that is inside the tea bags which increases the blood flow and avoids any fluid retention in the eyes. There are many added benefits for this too including protection from UV Rays and bringing a younger look in you. 

To use tea bags for eyes, simply steep them for about 4 minutes and then let them chill in the fridge for 20 minutes. Once the tea bags have gone cold, you should squeeze them and the liquid that comes out should be applied to under eyes and even other parts of the face. After the tea bags have dried, leave them on your eyes for about 25 minutes. These “bags” will get you rid of “those bags” (Pun Intended).

Use Cold Compress

No need to buy any expensive creams that could lighten the eye bags when you have a simple DIY solution at home. All you need to do is make your cold compress and apply on to the eyes. The best part about this is that you don’t need a very long time as there are instant results. It may be a bit irritating to the skin when you apply something cold in the beginning but it will soon be fine as well as show you the right results. In case the eye is itchy or you have dark circles and want to have a quick solution, using a cold compress would be the best possible idea as it helps the blood vessels constricting quickly.  

There are various ways in which you can make a cold compress. The chilled teaspoon is an idea that works for many although it may cause temporary discomfort. If you don’t want that, a cool cucumber or a bag with frozen vegetables could be perfect too. Make sure that prior to applying any kinds of frozen items on the skin, there is a soft cloth on top of it to make sure that the skin does not have any frost or icing on it. 

Protection Against Sun

Many women have eye puffiness during the summers mainly because the skin has been over-exposed to the sun which has led to the damaging of skin near the eyes by the UV Rays. Protecting against the sun is very important to your skin because there can be skin discoloration, dark circles, dark spots, the impact of pollutants, dehydration, and other impacts as well. 

Based on the numerous disadvantages of exposure to the sun, The American Academy of Dermatology suggested that people should be wearing sunscreen at all times especially during the summer months when the scorching sunlight is causing burns to the skin. 

The sunscreen will improve the overall facial appearance while making sure you stay fit from day to night. Suggested sunscreens for eye puffiness include SPF 30 and water-resistant sunscreens. In case you don’t have the water-resistant one, reapply yours immediately after washing your face. To complement the look further and ensure long-lasting effects, a moisturizer is also recommended. 

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As we said, eye puffiness is not a major medical concern and could be easily treated with simple remedies and solutions at home. There are several tips that we mentioned above including sleeping more, reducing stress, checking for allergies, getting sunscreen, consumption of water, and others as well. Make sure to consult your doctor before buying any kind of cream if you have a problem with sensitive skin. Wearing Ray-Ban glasses is an excellent option if you want to protect your eyes without compromising style.