Different Ways To Use Your Eyeshadow

If you’re new to the makeup world you may think that your eyeshadow palette is meant only for your eyes. Think again! You can use your palette for every aspect of your routine as long as you’re willing to think outside of the box.

I mean it, from your eyebrows down to the highlight on your cupids bow; an eyeshadow palette is as versatile as they come. With this article we hope to encourage you to not only try new looks, but also to help people realize that one makeup product can be used in a variety of ways!


You may be wondering if there was some other way you could be using eyeshadow on your eyes and the answer is yes! Using a small angled brush (or even a q-tip), you can create an effortless liner in no time at all. This can be done with colors ranging from your typical black or brown to any color in the rainbow. It’s a small way you can make a big difference in your day to day makeup.

One day you can line your eyes with a perfect brown line and the next you can create a purple smokey liner. Try using a color for your liner that compliments your eye color; for instance a nice copper color really makes blue eyes pop and a dark blue will really accentuate your brown eyes!


Neutral eyeshadow colors can be a great way to fill in your brows when you’re short on time, lost your eyebrow pencil, or just are looking to make your routine even more time efficient.

If you have bold colored hair, you can even take a bright blue or red to your brows to match your hair color! With a palette full of colors your options are limitless. While a good brow pencil is great, eyeshadow creates a fluffy, full looking brow that can’t be beat. Give it a try!


Now that we’re thinking outside of the box, you can probably already guess that I’m going to tell you that any pink in your eyeshadow palette can be used as a blush and you would be right!

That’s not where our fun stops though; use a brown for your cheek and nose contour to add some more structure to your face. You can even use your favorite flesh-toned shade to set your concealer!

Despite those great options, our favorite eyeshadow trick of them all is taking your favorite shimmery eyeshadow and using it as a highlight for your cheeks, your nose, and even your eyebrow highlight.


Eyeshadow is a great way to elevate your favorite lipstick and give your lips a plump, healthy glow. Try getting your lip brush damp, dipping it into a eyeshadow color that is a few shades darker than your lipstick of choice, and line your lips with it!

This gives your lips more dimension and makes them look fuller. Afterwards apply your lipstick and then take a light shimmery eyeshadow and apply it in the center of your bottom lip. Trust me, your lips will never look better after using these tips!

An eyeshadow palette is a fantastic way to bring together an already beautiful look using any (or all) of these tips. Before realizing how versatile one makeup product could be you may have never dared touch the bright blue or shimmery purple in your palettes before.

Hopefully this article will help you step out of your comfort zone and try some looks you may never have thought to try before. After all, makeup is art and with art you can do anything!