Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes consists of colors, shades and tones that will do the most to compliment and accentuate your beautiful blues.

The tone and intensity of the color is as important as the color itself. If you have fair coloring and light blue eyes, you need to stick with lighter colors, as darker or more intense colors will overpower your eyes and you will look overly made up. If you have darker coloring and darker blue eyes you can get away with the more intense shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

While there is no single eye makeup color that is considered best for blue eyes, there are several eye makeup colors that will show off your baby blues.

If you are so fair that you have blonde or very light eye lashes, you would most likely be better off to stick with brown mascara and eyeliner, as the blacks will be too overwhelming. If you eyelashes are naturally dark you can wear black eye liner and mascara – always follow mother nature’s lead!

Dark blue (think navy) mascara and eyeliner is a good alternative to black and not only gives a slightly softer look, it can really emphasize the color of your eyes.

Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Pink or Peach colored eye shadow will accentuate the blue in your eyes. Go with a pink or peach all over your lid and add a darker color to the crease if you want a more defined look. If you want a darker shade, bronze is considered the “universal” eye shadow color for blue eyes because it is akin to orange, which is opposite from blue on the color wheel. This is also why peach and apricot shades work so well.

Other eye shadow colors that will compliment blue eyes are purples – violets, lilac, etc and greys, even metallic grey and silver.

Neutrals like taupe and soft browns can always be used, though don’t go too dark with the browns. The best way to find your very best individual look is to experiment until you find the look you are looking for, but for a general rule you should stay away from blue and green eye shadows.

There are really no hard and fast rules about color eye shadows to wear if you have blue eyes. You can match your eye shadow to your clothing or go with neutral colors.

Makeup Tip for Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for blue eyes depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the shade of blue in your eyes, your skin tone, and of course your overall outfit. In addition, the other makeup you wear needs to tie into whatever colors and effects you utilize on your eyes. For example, if you’ve gone dramatic with lipstick, you’ll probably want your eye makeup to be smoky or relatively neutral.

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

The best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes is makeup that emphasizes your beautiful eyes, not your makeup.

The biggest factor in determining your makeup look is your own skin tone and coloring.  If you have light hair and pale skin, you need to stick with a light hand.  If you have darker coloring, you can pull off a more dramatic look.

Pinks, Peaches and Bronzes are the best eye shadow colors to emphasize your baby blues.  These are colors that are opposite blue in the color spectrum and will make the blue pop (as they say).

Choose your shade of  pink, peach and bronze Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes based on the intensity of your eye and overall coloring.   For example, lighter coloring can go with lighter pinks and apricots, darker can go with mauve colors.

Other colors that compliment blue eyes are purples and greys, as well as neutrals in soft brown and taupe.

If you use two or more colors of eye shadow, you can apply pink or peach all over and then a darker violet, lilac or purple or dark grey or brown in the crease or corner or both.  This will give your eye shadow some depth, while still emphasizing the color of your eyes.

Metallics and shiny and sparkly eye shadows are very popular right now – you can go with bronze, gold or anything in the gray or silver family.  If you have very light blue eyes and pale skin, stick with the lighter shades.

There was a time when blue eye shadow wasn’t recommended for blue eyes. However, picking good blue tones can actually bring out various hues that naturally occur in your eyes. Other colors that seem effective in eye makeup for blue eyes include purple, turquoise, dark blue, violet, gray and of course natural colors.

For smoky eyes turn to camel, dark brown, charcoal, or copper.

By looking at the two photos below, you can see the same model with two very different Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes looks.  In the first photo she has a very neutral, natural look.  Her bronze eye shadow and eye makeup is very subtle, but it draws all the attention to her eyes.  In the second photo the look is much more dramatic and the makeup is heavier.  The eye makeup still draws attention to her eyes, but you also notice the eye shadow.

Eye Liner & Highlights

Unlike green-eyed women, you can wear black eyeliner. You can also wear blue. For highlighter, silver metallic, violet and lavender work (particularly on light-haired women). Lavender in the crease of your eyelid give a strong dramatic appeal but that’s best utilized at night. If you have red hair, use colors that have some brown in them. Note that you can sometimes wear gold tones too.

For mascara, consider dark blue (depending on the rest of the look you’re creating). This can look almost black but help accent the blue in your eyes.

Applying Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

The process for applying eye makeup for blue eyes is fairly consistent with other eye color methods. Begin with a good foundation that closely matches your skin tone. Use an under-eye concealer to down-play dark circles and fine age lines. Medium colors go in the crease of your eyelid. Darker colors go out the outer corner of your eye. If your eyes tend to look a little dull add some shimmer near your nose. Note that generally speaking darker haired / darker skin tones will let you use more intense shades in your makeup.

Finding the best eye makeup for blue eyes is often a matter of experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try blending different colors, or trying different looks. Each occasion has a slightly different style that should be reflected in your eyes. Nights on the town can be bold, while a day at the office generally requires neutral tones.

Eyeliner is the secret to a great looking eye.  The same color guidelines apply as with mascara – black, navy blue or brown.  If you have red hair you will probably look better with browns.  Colored and metallic eyeliners are popular now – feel free to experiment and have fun!

Celebrity Blue Eye Makeup Examples

Taylor Swift has pretty blue eyes and a much lighter coloring.  She usually goes with makeup that emphasizes her eyes.  Her eyes are on the small side and although her eye shadow colors change often, she almost has noticeable eyeliner and false eyelashes.  (See eye makeup for small eyes for tips.)

She made beauty headlines when she was one of the first celebrities to embrace the blue eye shadow trend.   It is not one of my favorite makeup looks for her, but hey she is young, successful and has to dress up a lot – why not have a little fun!

Days of our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin has beautiful blue eyes – her Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes shows them off here with bronze eye shadow, black eyeliner and nude lips.   This is a great example of how dark eyeliner can draw attention to your eyes.

Actress Ashley Benson has beautiful eyes that are spotlighted in this photo with eyeliner and mascara.  As you can see here, you can’t even see what color eye shadow she is wearing – it is the eyeliner and mascara that draw your attention in to her eyes.

January Jones goes for a colorful smokey eye look – you can tell it has blues and greens. I think it looks very pretty, but it makes her look older when compared to a lighter makeup look.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes Recommendations

Mascara for Blue EyesStick with black eyeliner and mascara Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes unless you have very light coloring (ie blonde eyelashes) and black looks too harsh – stick with navy blue or brown mascara and navy, brown or charcoal eye liner.

If you are over 40 – 45 and have those dreaded signs of aging around your eyes, black mascara is fine but black eyeliner may emphasize that – try a dark brown, navy blue of charcoal liner.

If you do emphasize your eyes with your makeup, go with a softer blush and lip color – otherwise you’ll just look like you are wearing too much makeup.

Finding the best eye makeup for blue eyes is often a matter of experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try blending different colors, or trying different looks. Each occasion has a slightly different style that should be reflected in your eyes. Nights on the town can be bold, while a day at the office generally requires neutral tones.