Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Makeup for Small Eyes – Taylor Swift

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes Tips and Ideas – Eyes are a very important physical feature. They define a lot about our face and act as a letter of introduction each time we connect with another person’s gaze. So what do you do if you have small eyes that seem to disappear into the rest of your features?

One thing, right off the bat, is taking good care of your eyebrows. Groom them tidily. That becomes the foundation of shaping your eyes. Go for a thin, well arched brow without stray hairs.

Steps for Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

The next step is putting on makeup primer. While this doesn’t do anything in terms of affecting the way your eyes look, it has one primary advantage. It helps your eye makeup last longer without smudging.

Now you’re ready for eyeliner. Use black if you have brown eyes, dark pink for green eyes, and brown for blue eyes. Effectively you want a liner that shows off your eye color. Don’t overdo it. A thin line close to your lashes with a slight flair at the corner of your lid will do the trick with small eyes. It’s almost like making a cat’s eye but not quite as pronounced. This really draws your eyes out from the background, making them look larger.

Jennifer Lopez – Makeup for Small Eyes

The concept of less is more goes for your eye shadow too. Look for pale, light shadows that brighten your eyes. You can improve the effect of the shadow by putting a touch of white powder under your brow and at each lid’s corners, and adding white eyeliner around your eyes’ rims. This actually makes you appear more awake and creates the illusion of larger eyes! Then add a slightly darker color shadow at the outer edge of your eyelid.

We’re not done yet! There are still more trick for making small eyes look bigger, one of which is curing your lashes. Apply your mascara evenly and don’t go over-heavy especially if you have pronounced long lashes. Too much mascara can actually hide your eyes. Then whip out your trusty lash curler. We should note that some makeup artists choose to curl eyelashes before mascara. This is really up to you. Try it both ways and see which result you like better. In either case, you want more mascara ear the outer corners of your eye as well as in the center of the lash line. Go very, very lightly on the inner corner of your eye as heavy mascara here takes away from the larger eye effect you’re creating.

Finally remember that your eyes do not exist in a vacuum. Your face plays a role in how your eyes look. As the final step in Eye Makeup for Small Eyes use a pale highlighter at your cheekbone line. This naturally draws a viewer’s sight upward to our eyes, making small eyes more pronounced.