Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes is pretty much unlimited.  Lucky Brown Eyed Girls can wear just about any color and look great.  You have more variety and choices than any other eye color.  Because your eyes are darker, you can go darker with your eye makeup and look dramatic and mysterious, not like a clown.

You can easily wear black mascara because your eyelashes are naturally dark.  Although if you do have lighter hair and lashes, you might want to try a brownish black mascara.  I love Navy Blue mascara with my brown eyes.  I have black lashes naturally and with navy blue mascara, my lashes still look black, but somehow it seems to brighten or highlight my eyes.

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

Brown Eyed Girls can also go dark with eye liner – black, dark brown or navy blue.  I think darker eye liners do more to emphasize darker eyes, while lighter liners seem to just call attention to the makeup, not the eyes.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Example

Since you can wear almost any color, you always have the option of matching your eye shadow to your clothing. Otherwise, you can go with neutrals like taupes and browns. Pink eye shadow with a darker color in the crease will really make your eyes sparkle. Grey eyeshadows and liners look great and can give you a smokey eye look that is toned down enough for daytime wear.

Metallics in the gold, bronze, brown and pink family look great on brown eyes. My favorite Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes look is to go with a neutral shimmery beige color on the lid and use a darker accent color – it can be darker brown, purple, dark blue or even green. If you are feeling adventurous, you can always match you purple eyeshadow with a dark purple eyeliner. (If it is too light or too purple it will not be flattering – it should look black from a distance.) 

Just a reminder, if you are going for eye drama and playing up your gorgeous eyes, be sure and go with a neutral blush and lip color. Otherwise, you will look way too made up!

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes Example

Choosing Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes can be somewhat complicated. Why? Because unlike other eye colors, a brown-eyed woman has a huge array of hues that are going to look good when she applies them. Literally every color of the rainbow holds potential along with all those wonderful mineral tones. About the only limit you’ve got is your skin tone and working with that.

Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

If you want to really play up your brown eyes then consider nice, smoky brow eye shadow. Use something lighter during the day, and keep darker brown shades for a dramatic night time entrance. A second choice, and more playful, is purple. In this case choose a hue that ties to your wardrobe somehow. A dusty purple is better for day ware, while sparkling violets can come out at night to tour the town.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Example

Of course, its also fun to tinker with colors you don’t see that often – like peach or sunshine yellow. If it’s around the holidays, let the predominant color of the season guide you! This is another moment when your complexion may help you make a final decision. Fair-skinned folk would do better with light colors while dark skinned women can reach for those deeper tones confidently

How Brown is Brown?

There are different dimensions to brown going from light to nearly black. For someone who has very dark brown eyes, it’s good to include something lighter in eye makeup so that your eyes don’t look harsh. If you’re fortunate to have a medium-colored brown eye – the sky is the limit. Think dramatic green, gold, or bronze as well as all shades of purple. Different colors will make your eyes look a little different, so play around and see what kind of impact you want.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Example

For women with light brown eyes, pastels are a good choice, particularly yellow. Avoid black eyeliner and opt for brown instead. Finally, for someone with hazel eyes use an intense eyeliner like bronze or purple and follow with an eye shadow that’s just a little darker than your skin (Mauve being one possibility).

By the way, if you want to make your brown eyes look longer just extend your eye liner and shadow slightly father than the corner of your eye. Remember to blend!

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes – What to Avoid:

Brown Eye Makeup Example

While eye shadow for brown eyes is a pretty broad category there are some colors that probably aren’t the best option. For some reason pinks leave many brown-eyed women looking as if they’ve been crying all day. Brown Eye Makeup Blue isn’t always a good choice either, as it brings out yellow tones that can make a person look ill. And while the yellowish metallic shadows look fantastic, silver doesn’t. That’s a color best suited for blue-eyed women. The only place for silver on brown eyes is as an eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger.

What is the Best Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes?   Good news!  Brown eyed girls can wear any color eye shadow and look good.  you have the only eye color that can even match your eye shadow to your clothing and look great doing it.

OK, so you can wear any color.  But which color looks best?  That depends on the color and intensity of your eyes and your skin tone.   You want to match the intensity of your eye makeup to the intensity of your skin tone/coloring.  So if you have very light skin, stick with lighter colors.  If you are darker, so with darker, more intense makeup.

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Example - Jennifer Lopez

The universal Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes colors are brown family neutrals – taupe, beige, brown, even gold.  If you wear the same look everyday, invest in these colors.  If you are a one color at a time, the same color everyday girl, stick with a pretty taupe to medium brown or gold.  If you use two colors, apply a darker shade in the crease and outer corner.

Other eye shadow shades that are great with brown eyes are purples – from light lilac to plums to dark, vivid purple, grays – from light to dark charcoal, pinks – including darker mauves, greens – especially the darker hunter green colors, even dark blue.

Most brown eyed ladies have cool skin tones and look better when sticking to cool colored eye shadows.  Pinks, corals and blues in a warmer hue won’t look flattering at all, so stick to neutrals or cool colors.

With the metallics all the rage, brown eyes look great in all of them – silver, gold, copper, bronze – anything goes!

Soft gold  is a stunning color, especially if your eyes are a lighter brown color.  If your eyes are so dark they are almost black, add a lighter touch to your eye makeup to lighten up your look.

Brown eyes can also pull of the traditional dark smokey eye look easier than many others.

Celebrity Photos – Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes – Sandra Bullock

I love this Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes look on Sandra Bullock – she goes with lighter eye shadow and lip gloss, which plays out so nicely against her dark eyes and hair, and works perfectly with her pale skin.  I love the gray/silver eye shadow on her – which coordinates perfectly with her earrings.  Notice how the eyeliner and mascara finish off her look perfectly and the emphasis is all on her eyes.

eye makeup for brown eyes example – Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has a somewhat darker skin tone and goes with darker Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes.  This is just a beautiful, perfectly made up brown eye.  It looks like she is picking up the light taupe color of her dress in the lightest shade of her eye makeup.  Also finished with perfectly lined eyes and mascara.

Glee actress Jayma Mays has much softer coloring all the way around and goes with a neutral, nude eye and eyeliner and mascara.  I think she would look much better with a lighter touch on the eyeliner – but otherwise she looks really pretty. I also found two more looks that are completely different, so you can compare three different eye makeup for brown eyes on the same person.

Jayma Mays – brown eye makeup example
Jayma Mays – brown eye make up looks
Eye Makeup for Dark Brown Eyes Example – Naya Rivera

Fellow Glee actress Naya Rivera has much darker coloring and very dark eyes.  Notice how the lighter eye shadow – including white just under the brow lighten up her eyes.  With only tightliner she has much less eyeliner than most of the other brown eyed beauties.

Dianna Argon – eye shadow for brown eyes example

One more Glee beauty, Dianna Argon has totally different coloring and a totally different Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes look.  She emphasizes her lighter brown eyes with a blue-gray.  She also goes lighter on the eyeliner.  All of her makeup is very soft and it really looks good on her.

Eye Shadow Brown Eyes Example – Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek draws all the attention to her brown eyes with silvery gray eye shadow.

Vivica Fox – Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes Example
Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Example – Vivica Fox

In both of these pictures of Vivica Fox, she brightens up her eyes by picking up the color of her gown – mint green on the left and taupe on the right (sorry you can’t see the gown – it is strapless).