Why Vintage Clothes Are An Essential Part of Modern Style Screen

Fashionistas all over the world struggle to forget the time Kate Moss rocked up to a New York Fashion Week dinner wearing a pale yellow dress designed by 1950s French couturier Jean Dessès. Fashion lovers all over the world frantically searched clothing racks and vintage stores for something that would mimic Kate’s iconic outfit, thus unofficially starting the craze for all things vintage. The truth is, vintage clothing is an essential part of modern style. With an enhanced focus on sustainability and upcycling, the time for vintage clothing truly is in 2021. In today’s article, we have a look at exactly why vintage clothes are loved in today’s modern era, so read on to find out more.

1. Timeless Class And Luxury

Nothing beats a collection of used luxury bags or a closet full of faux fur coats and head scarves that truly just add timeless chic to any outfit. Ever heard of the saying “they don’t make ‘em’ like they used to”? Well, the truth is, when you choose vintage, you’re automatically choosing quality. Back in the day, before the time of machines, factories and cheap materials, clothing was made from scratch. From harvest to spinning to weaving, treateding, cutting and sewing— clothing of yesteryear underwent a lot less strain prior to its arrival on a shopping rack. It is because of this fine attention to quality and detail that so many vintage pieces are renowned for their timeless class and luxury that cannot be replicated in today’s modern and fast paced era of industrialisation.

2. Every Piece Has A Story

Whether you are aware of it or not, every vintage garment comes with its own special story. There is nothing more exciting than tracing down the origin of a garment you have purchased, only to find out its journey and the adventure it took before landing in your own hands. Vintage and antique clothing is steeped in history and can open you up to a whole world of yesterday that you were unaware of till now.

3. The Sustainability Movement

Now more than ever before, we find more and more people who are paying attention to exactly how sustainable their lives are. Modern fast fashion has proven to be incredibly problematic with its enormous environmental footprint due to high levels of production and disposal and now contributes to 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. As we now know, the production of clothing requires an incredibly high amount of resources and energy while components of clothing such as toxic fabric dyes and chemicals continue to contaminate marine life and freshwater. that contaminate fresh water. With more and more people paying attention in 2021, it is no wonder that so many are turning to vintage clothing and incorporating it into modern fashion in order to save the world, one clothing item at a time.

4. Vintage Will Always Be Unique

Ever walked into a restaurant and cafe, only to realise that someone else owns the same cardigan or handbag as you? Yup, that’s the world of generic fast fashion and cheap clothing for you! One of the greatest things about vintage fashion and clothing is that you can almost be 100% certain that you’re the only one this side of town who owns that killer plaid dress or retro knit shirt. In a world where people are now striving to be their genuine and unique selves, it is no wonder that so many absolutely adore the world of vintage clothing and all its glory.

5.   The Most Cost Effective Clothing in 2021

It goes without saying that vintage clothing is undoubtedly the most cost effective one way ticket into becoming an ultimate fashionista. Head to your local op shop or vintage clothing store and you’re sure to find clothes for up to 90% off, allowing you to purchase more pieces for less.

You can be assured that retail prices will never come even close to how good of a deal you’ll be able to get at a vintage store, making vintage the most cost effective clothing in 2021!

The retro revolution is here and oh boy, is it here to stay. Looking for a unique, long lasting, handmade and high quality item to add to your wardrobe? Then vintage is the perfect option for you.