How to Style Booty Shorts


Whether you are going for a rave party or a workout session, it is essential to wear the best clothing. Proper dress code helps you to blend in easily in the party atmosphere. Likewise, you will also be able to give your 100% at the gym. For instance, booty shorts are in vogue these days. These clothing are made from light material and offer high flexibility. However, you should know different types of bottoms available in the market. To begin with, you can wear high waist bottoms in different ways.

Trim waist bottoms

Unlike regular high waist bottom, these clothing have a sassier look. To get a more attractive look, you can wear trim waist bottoms with a see-through top or halter. Most importantly, these clothing have a cheeky fit, giving you a contemporary look. Further, you can even indulge in brisk physical activities without any worries.

High rise

Women who have plus size figure must go for these booty shorts. As per the name, this clothing has a high waist. Thus, you will be able to tuck excess tummy easily. High rise bottoms are made up of 94% polyester, which is a breathable material. In effect of this, you do not have to worry about skin allergies or rashes in these booty shorts for women.

High cut waist bottoms

As compared to the regular bottoms, high cut shorts offer a sportier look. You can even wear them with a regular halter as a two-piece swimsuit. With that said, high cut bottoms are made up of 80% nylon. For this reason, it dries quickly. Henceforth, you do not have to worry about any skin rashes caused due to wet clothing.

Chained high waist bottoms

Chained high waist booty shorts are worn mostly during rave parties. You can wear these clothing with a halter, t-shirt, or crop top. These clothing have from single to triple chains on the side. In addition to this, chained high waist bottom ends right below the belly button. This gives you a sensual look for the party.

High waist bottoms with harness

If you want to attain a seductive look for a loved one, then buy high waist bottoms with a harness. These bottoms come with the harness of different styles viz. a cross or T-shape. Besides, you can even wear this clothing with a sheer mini skirt.

Metallic shorts

These shiny bottoms are exceptionally comforting and skin-friendly. Metallic shorts have a low waist allowing you to wear them either with a T-shirt or tank top. To complement further, you can even wear nylon stockings with platform shoes.

Fishnet shorts

Nowadays, fishnet shorts are high in demand as they offer a cheeky and contemporary look. Fishnet shorts offer a killer look when they are worn with a halter and faux leather boots. For sure, you will be able to become a center of attraction at the party.

Biker shorts

If you are going on a picnic or a long drive, then the biker shorts are the best option. Biker shorts come with a high waist along with several sparkles. Most importantly, this short is 85% breathable and highly stretchable. You can wear these shorts with any regular clothing like jackets, t-shirts, halters, hoodies, etc.


In case you like to go to a rave party, then it is essential to buy high or short waist bottoms. These apparels come in a wide range of options and offer close, yet comfortable fitting. Thus, you won’t feel any discomfort even after wearing them for long hours. Besides, high waist shorts easily complement different types of clothing. As a result, you can use the extra money to buy other makeup accessories. Lastly, these clothing are mostly made of polyester, which is a breathable material and dries quickly.