Why Castor Oil Can Help with Hair Growth

Over time, many people have resorted to Castor oil for their hair growth and hair nourishment. Found from the Castor beans, Castor oil has proven to be extremely beneficial for hair development and even for its shine. 

However, the question arises, why Castor oil can help with hair growth and how to get hair growth with Castor oil Read on to know everything about it!

Reasons Why Castor Oil Helps With Hair Growth 

Given below are some of the significant reasons why Castor oil can help with hair growth. 

It is a Storehouse of Vitamin-E

Vitamin-E is one of the primary reasons for hair growth and nourishment. This is the reason why many hair care products contain Vitamin-E as an essential ingredient. 

However, did you know that Castor oil itself contains a lot of Vitamin-E? Due to this reason, they help in strengthening the hair and reducing hair breakage. Additionally, Vitamin-E is extremely rich, containing antioxidants required for hair growth and health. 

Lastly, Vitamin-E also helps in protein synthesis and helps in the keratin synthesis required for your hair’s growth. 

It Contains Essential Fatty Acids 

Another great thing about Castor oil is the presence of essential fatty acids, like Omega-3. 

Essential fatty acids also help to moisturize your hair. Now, how is this related to hair fall? Well, the truth is that if you have a dry scalp problem, it may reduce hydration in your hair. So, due to less hydration to your hair roots, your hair may start falling off. Thus, leading to reduced hair growth and hair loss too. 

However, with the help of fatty acids, such as Omega-3, your hair will have excellent moisturizing properties that can make your hair look silky and smooth. 

It Improves Circulation In Hair 

Like every other cell of your body, your hair cells also require proper circulation for good health and growth. 

So, when you apply Castor oil on your hair and massage it, you help your hair receive the required amount of oxygen and blood. Thus, helping in better circulation. 

This way, your hair will have proper nourishment and growth as required!

It Can Prevent Infections 

Many of us go through the problem of dandruff, which further leads to hair fall. Did you know that dandruff isn’t always because of dry skin but rather bacterial and fungal infection? 

So, with its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, Castor oil reduces bacterial and fungal growth on your hair due to trapped moisture or other reasons. This way, it will help in reducing any type of infection significantly. 

Thus, by preventing infections, it can help your hair to grow without any obstacles!

It Regulates the pH of Your Hair. 

Your hair requires a proper pH to grow correctly and healthily. However, sometimes, due to this imbalance in the pH, your hair may start falling or growing too slowly. 

Yet, when you use Castor oil, it can neutralize the pH and give you the required one. Thus, helping massively in hair growth and the reduction of hair fall. 

Once you have used the Castor oil, you will start to notice the difference in your hair. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, Castor oil can help in hair growth, with the number of nutrients present in it. Alongside, it can also assist in reducing hair fall by significantly reducing any infection and improving circulation. 

All you have to do is massage it on your scalp, let it sit for about 2 to 3 hours, and wash your hair to see remarkable results!