Trendy Biker Silver Necklaces to Add to Your Collection

Every person feels the need for self expression. We can assert ourselves through the things we do and the way we look. In order to stand out, people experiment with their style, outfits, and accessories. If you, too, are looking for a chance to convey your individuality, you may resort to something new and experimental or vice versa, good old and classic. Let us show you a few biker accessories capable of pumping up your look in a heartbeat.

Silver Chain Necklace

These pieces are effective in their simplicity. A thick weaved silver wire is more than enough to arrest attention and turn you into a fashion icon. Of course, you need to know how best to blend it into your image. For hefty and stocky guys, the most beneficial choice is a finger-thick chain necklace that sits tightly around the neck. Such a design emphasizes the strong physique and draws attention to broad shoulders. 

If you are a lean and tall person, you’ll benefit from neck jewelry on the elegant side. Long thin biker silver necklace with a pendant will look awesome if combined with casual outfits. If you work in an office, no need to take such a necklace off, just hide it under the clothes. The cool thing about long chains is that you can pair them with different pendants to refresh your look and add a zest to it.

Leather Necklaces

People have been wearing leather accessories long before precious metals started dominating the jewelry market. They still carry the feature of raw, rugged, and earthy magnetism. Although the selection of leather necklaces is a bit scarcer in contrast to silver ones, you won’t find it hard to unearth a mind-blowing item. 

The unconditional hit of the recent years is a necklace constructed from several cords weaved together like a braid. To add an eye-catching quality, designers supplement such items with silver details. Those can be a thin silver chain intertwined with leather, silver inserts or a pendant. Wide leather chokers, which experienced a heyday a few years ago, gave way to more elegant models with a discreet design. By the way, instead of leather cords, you can suspend a pendant on a hemp rope and you’ll look super trendy.

Bead Necklace

Traditionally, bead necklaces have been crafted for women but the 21 century is time to experiment and re-consider familiar things. First, we’ve witnessed men’s bead bracelets becoming top sought-after items, now it’s time for bead necklaces to shine. These items are assembled from stone, wood, ivory, metal, and precious stone beads. Male jewelry, even for bikers, doesn’t normally go over the top, so you won’t meet multi-string bead necklaces sparkling with myriads of colorful gems. No, designers still focus on the masculine aspect of biker accessories. One of the most ass-kicker items we’ve ever seen is an onyx bead or aquamarine necklaces with leather inserts. This design resembles good old rosaries but with a twist.

Summing up, there is no shortage of striking, audacious, and dashing men’s around the neck accessories inspired by bikers. You just need to find a piece able to emphasize your individuality and personal style.