Introduction to Derma Rolling

Being a glam girl, you probably have heard about derma rolling. It’s the process of using a derma roller, a skin care device that features a roller with hundreds of tiny little needles on its surface used to prick the face.

While a derma roller may look like some kind of a torture device, it isn’t scary nor painful at all, especially when used properly. Derma rolling has a lot of benefits, such as clearing scars, evening out skin tone, fading fine lines and more. Here’s what you need to know about it: 

Derma Roller

What is derma rolling?

Also known as micro-needling or derma-stamping, derma rolling is the use of small needles to create a controlled micro-injuries on the skin surface. You might ask, “How does my skin need that?” While it sounds a little off, this process stimulates the collagen and elastin production to give you plumper, more radiant skin. By creating micro wounds, it starts up the skin’s repair cycle that induces collagen and elastin synthesis. In short, the tiny pricks triggers skin repair and make you grow new skin that is healthier and more glamorous looking than before.

However, after your first session, expect the skin to be at least mildly irritated and vulnerable. Don’t panic after experiencing skin irritation and redness, as it is to be expected after the skin is freshly wounded. The shorter the needle length of the derma roller you use, the lesser irritation it is likely to be, and results will generally vary depending on the person. Also, expect to have diminishing reactions to derma rolling while you continue on after your first session.

Significant improvements can be noticed after five or more sessions, so be patient and don’t give up if your skin didn’t look healthier after one session.

Derma rolling used to be carried out by dermatologists, but now it can also be done at home.

How does it benefit the skin?

While some advantages of derma rolling were mentioned above, the truth is its benefits are far more than giving you radiant, rejuvenated skin. Here are some of its other benefits:

1. Reducing pore size

Large and clogged pores are not just tacky and unattractive, it also leads to great problems like blackheads, oily skin, and more. It can help reduce the size of enlarged pores by producing collagen and thickening the epidermis.

2. Prevents premature aging

Derma rolling has the ability to prevent and undo signs of premature aging in the skin by again, triggering the production of collagen and elastin. It can thicken, repair, strengthen and improve the elasticity of the skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

3. Diminish hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which some parts of the skin become darker than the surrounding areas, making some spots highly noticeable. Those unfortunate enough suffering from it can be self-conscious and insecure. Derma rolling can help shed the topmost layer of the skin and produce melanocyte.

4. Helps fast-track skin care product absorption

This process also creates micro-pathways in the skin so your skin products can better penetrate and be more effective. It exposes deeper layers of the skin to the benefits of the skin care products, treatments, oils and ointments you use, giving you more glamorous skin than before.

5. Improves the appearance of acne scars

One of the lingering effects of acne are not the pimples and blemishes themselves, but the scarring that they leave, which can stay on the face for years. Derma rolling can undo the appearance of scars by repairing and replacing the skin, and if done over and over, it can eventually wear down and eliminate scars.

6. Eliminates appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks are unsightly markings on the body that concerns a lot of women, especially those who are pregnant or have been pregnant. This problem can also be repaired and eliminated by derma rolling. After a few sessions, you can see results that can help bring out a more confident and glamorous you.

7. Promotes hair growth

Besides the skin, derma rolling can also be performed on the scalp to promote hair growth. It works by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles while inhibiting proteins that cause hair loss.

Who can benefit from derma rolling?

Derma rolling will benefit those with acne scarring, pigmentation, large pores, stretch marks or those who just need some skin-tightening boosts. The length of needle you use for derma rolling depends on your purpose: if you want refined pores, use thin and short needles; but if you need to remove scarring, opt for thicker and deeper needles.

However, derma rolling is not recommended for all. People who have active acne, rosacea, active wounds, skin infection and should not consider derma rolling because it could aggravate the skin. Areas with eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, cold sores and warts must be avoided. Also, if you’re undergoing some form of skin treatments, consult your dermatologist before trying out derma rolling.

Does derma rolling hurt?

Yes, it MAY hurt. You would just want to feel it, but not to the point that it would feel uncomfortable. You don’t need to press it on into your skin – just roll it gently. Using the shortest needles shouldn’t hurt, but here’s the deal: the larger the needle that is used, the more painful it’s going to be.

If you have a low pain tolerance, it’s best to not DIY your derma rolling session and go to a professional. Don’t use large needles on yourself – these kinds of derma rollers are better handled by professionals.

What are the preparations you need to do before using derma roller?

If you plan on derma rolling for home use, select one from a trusted retailer. It involves needles that pierce through your skin, so you have to be very picky when buying one.

Since you’ll be dealing with needles and it may draw blood, cleanliness is very important. Before you use a derma roller, the skin needs to be completely clean of oils and dirt. Treat your skin with an antiseptic cleanser, or if you want a milder cleanser especially for the face, use foaming cleanser and a toner.

To better improve results of your derma rolling, take vitamins A and C supplements during the month before you plan to derma roll.

How do you use a derma roller?

Once you got yourself a derma roller and you’re ready to use it, disinfect it first. Spray it with an alcohol solution, then soak it in warm water to sterilize. Prepare your skin as mentioned above.

Now it’s time to roll. Hold the skin tight, then roll over each section. Roll it up and down once, side to side once, and diagonally once. On the face, you roll horizontally over the forehead, cheeks and chin back and forth. Then go vertically up and down your forehead, and then the cheeks under the eyes up to lower cheek. After that, go diagonally across the face. On your nose, work downward. Just remember to keep the derma roller away from the area around your eyes.

What must I do after derma rolling?

After your derma rolling session, use ice packs if you’re experiencing any pain. Bathe the skin with saline after the skin has reddened. After the session is also the best time to use skin serums or anti-aging treatments for the best result. Apply sunscreen during the days after derma rolling, as the skin can be more sensitive than usual.

You must also be ready to clean and disinfect your derma roller after use. This is very important to prevent skin infections and avoid reactions that might worsen the condition of your skin. Pour 75% alcohol on a plastic derma roller storage container or any clean cup, then leave the roller there for a while. The roller head must be completely covered with the alcohol. After that, take it out, run hot water over it and allow the roller to air dry on a clean paper towel.