Guide to Glamping for the Glamorous Woman

You may have thought about camping at least once in your life. It’s an adventure to stay in the wilderness, where you load a tent and a sleeping bag, create your own campfire, bring a big backpack with your bare necessities, and hike deep into the woods to immerse yourself with nature. But the glamorous woman in you starts to question, “Can I survive that? Can my back handle all the items I need to bring to get comfortable on the site?”

Glamping can provide the perfect escape for you, so you can experience the secluded nature without having to sacrifice comfort. Glamping, a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping”, simply means glamorous or luxury camping. It can give you the joys of camping as well as the convenience of home (or hotels). When you glamp, you can enjoy amazing views, secluded landscapes, and unique structures while you relax in comfortable beds, dine in restaurants, and take soothing baths. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to connect with some of the most awe-inspiring places around the world.

Here’s what you need to know about glamping:

1. Plan your location

First of all, figure out where you want to go. Across the world, you can find incredible destinations, each offering a unique experience. Are you looking to go for an African safari or do you want to explore glampsites in Europe as you travel there? Or perhaps you’re just looking to experience the American West? Set your budget and assess how much you will allow for the trip as this will help you choose where to go.

2. Pick the type of glamping tents and lodging you want

One great thing about glamping is that when you pick a glamping location, you don’t need to bring any camping gear anymore because the site provides the accommodation. You may glamp on a camping site, but be ready to bring a lot of items like a luxury tent, beds, portable cooking gear, portable shower, and toilet – not to mention your outfits and your everyday needs like toiletries and gadgets.

With glamping, you can stay in a forest canopy in a treehouse, wake up in a yurt on the mountaintop, and go stargazing in an eco-lodge. There are different types of accommodations available for glamping, and here are some of them:

  • Safari tents

Tents are the most common camping gear and the most traditional type of lodging. The tents used for glamping are safari tents, and they are far from the tiny little tents of your Boy/Girl Scout days. They usually have wood floors and are as big as a hotel room (or even bigger) with space for lounge, beds, nightstands, dressers and more. Some can even offer electricity and Wi-Fi. Imagine a hotel room or a luxury home with canvas walls.

  • Yurts

Yurts are round, tent-like looking structures traditionally used as a portable dwelling by nomadic cultures in Central Asia. Modern yurts are fancier now, as they are built on a wooden platform and uses wooden or metal framing, canvas or tarpaulin walls, Plexiglass domes. They also offer insulation, electricity, plumbing, fireplaces and other conveniences you can find in homes. Among luxury tents, yurts are among the most popular glamping accommodations around the world.

  • Tepees

Like yurts, tepees are originally used by the nomadic cultures. It was traditionally constructed with wooden poles and animal skins by the Native American tribes. Tepees used for glamping are much more luxurious and are equipped to make sure each guest is comfortable. It has beds, amenities and unique décor for your enjoyment.

  • Trailer van

Trailer van
If you prefer glamping on the move, you can hire a luxury trailer van and pitch up almost anywhere you want to enjoy a different scenery every morning. A trailer van can contain all parts of a house in a more compact space.

  • Cubes and pods

Cubes and pods

As a result of the “tiny house” and minimalism trend, cubes and pods became popular. These are a newer form of glamping that gives excellent protection from environmental elements just like a real home but is easy to assemble, takes up little space and provides a sense of immersion to the outside world. Most of them are really cute and glamorous and will make you want to own your personal pod!

  • Treehouses

Treehouses provide glamorous camping above the ground and amongst the trees. The sizes and styles vary from small huts to huge buildings, depending on the tree where it sits. Sleeping up in a tree gives you a really cool experience, no matter how old you are!

  • Cabins and cottages

Modern cabins and cottages are usually erected for glamping and rental purposes. If you ever spent a vacation in state or national parks, chances are you’ve already spent some time in a cabin or cottage. These are mostly cozy and surrounded in a naturally beautiful area. One great advantage of cabins and cottages are you can find options that are large enough to hold a family and group of friends of any size.

  • Wagons

Wagons remind you of the Wild West of America and the wilds of Australia and New Zealand. It invokes images of early frontier explorations. In the world of glamping, it’s an innovative type of low-impact accommodation. Surely, it would be so cool to stay in a luxury wagon complete with a bed and amenities.

3. Pack all the clothing you need (and want)

If camping would force you to wear the same outfit for a couple of days to lessen your baggage, glamping would encourage you to be part of nature without trading off your usual glam style. Be free to bring your light, billowing skirt, and hat if you’re going to enjoy the sunshine through the towering trees in the forest. Go and pack your floral kimono or sundress if you’re on your way to a flowery field. Glamping allows you to travel and enjoy nature in style.

4. Enjoy your foods

Unlike traditional camping, you don’t need to lug in your own cooking range, pots, pans and utensils while glamping. You also don’t have to worry about wild animals ripping into your cooler and snatching your food. You’ll either have a restaurant on the site or a kitchen to cook on to make yourself a delicious meal. At the very least pack some food (especially your late night munchies and snacks) because your location most probably won’t be reachable by a pizza or fast food delivery.

5. Pack some entertainment

Because you don’t need to pitch a tent, cook food by the fire and wash your clothes by the river, you’ll have some time to simply relax and enjoy yourself. You can bring a Bluetooth speaker to play some tunes while in the wild, play cards and board games with your company, and you can even bring sports equipment to play with. If you want a quiet time by yourself, bring a book or magazine that you can read. If the weather suddenly changes and won’t allow you to enjoy the outdoors, at least you will still have fun things to do.