How to look glorious without makeup

Natural beauty is never going out of style. It’s not difficult if you know some little tricks. They are not even tricks, but just a simple way to achieve harmony between your internal and external worlds. Following simple rules, you will notice that you have become more confident in yourself and are increasingly appearing in people without makeup. We will tell you how to look beautiful without makeup without spending much effort:

1. Make your eye brows look good

Eyebrows of the correct shape, suitable for the shape of your face and your eye shape, painted in the salon with persistent paint, will transform your face and will not require a pencil or mascara. Just comb them with a brush – and you’re done!

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2. Choose the right shade for the clothes you wear.

If you approach the choice of the color of your clothes wisely, you can easily make your face look fresher, your skin tone looks healthier, and your general appearance will be much more relaxed. The rules are simple: if you are a white-skinned blonde, choose warm pastel shades. If you’ve been tired recently, you don’t get enough sleep, and your face looks sickly pale, while your hair color is from light brown to dark blond, choose cold shades of pink, yellow or red, shading them with contrasting white. If you are a woman with brown hair, pay attention to the warm shades of gray, sea blue, wine, and emerald green. And if your type is fair skin and dark hair, then your win option is any combination of black and white.

3. Watch the hairstyle

Unkempt hair can make anyone look sloppy. Make sure that you cut the split ends regularly, do not let your hair fluff, and electrify and choose a fashionable haircut that will save you time on styling.

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4. Take care of your skin

How to look beautiful without makeup? Healthy, smooth, and clean skin does not need masking with a tonal! Be sure to wash your beautiful face with a special cleanser in the morning and in the evening, after which apply a cream or lotion suitable for your skin type. Proper skin cleansing is already half of the success!

5. Get rid of what you don’t need

Make a mask with the white clay at least once a week: it will clean the pores, which will allow them to become narrower and less noticeable. If your skin is not too thin and sensitive, do a delicate peeling based on acids once a week. It will refresh the upper layer of the skin and make it more smooth.

6. Solve specific problems.

Not a single skin problem should be ignored. You can apply salicylic acids to have no acne, soothe your redness with natural oils. Fight with the peeling of your skin with the help of moisturizing and protecting the skin.

7. Sleep well

It’s such a cliché, but it works! The skin looks healthy if you sleep at least 7 hours a day. The optimal sleep pattern is to spend your time in bed enjoying your dreams, for it is 8–9 hours in the interval from 23–00 to 9–00. Sleep more and find out how to look great without makeup.

8. Drink water

Lack of water in the body leads to dehydration, dry skin, and premature aging. The daily norm is 1.5-2 liters of water.

To conclude

The dream of any woman is to use a minimum of makeup and always remain attractive. Now you know how to look beautiful and fresh without makeup.