Basics of the Raumteiler Room Divider

Over the years, many people have loved a wide-open floorplan. However eventually, a lot of people get tired of it, and want to incorporate some way to separate your dining room from your living room (or other room of the house). Unfortunately, finding the right ideas for a custom made room divider aren’t always easy, so we’re going to give you some basics to go by when it comes to choosing the right kind of room dividers for your home.

What Do I Need to Consider?

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to finding a raumteiler nach mass room divider. You need to think about the fact that with custom made options out there, things like color are the least of your concerns. Custom furniture of any type, especially shelving and room dividers needs to be selected and measured very meticulously, so you’ll want to consider things like whether you want it to touch the ceiling or not. You also need to know the width you’re wanting to make it. Consider where you’re going to place your room divider at (up against a wall, or in the middle of the room), as this can create one, or possibly two walkways for you depending on the width of the divider you choose.

Color is Important

You don’t want your room divider to be too different from the rest of your home, especially when it comes to shelving. If you have an all-white and black living room for example, you don’t want to end up having a wooden room divider that looks natural and throws off the room’s equilibrium. Therefore, it does take a little bit of interior design implementation on your part in order to understand how one side needs to look, and how the other side should match the other room.

Sloping Shelves are In

It used to be that you’d want basic shelfing as the standard, but lately, sloped shelving has been the “in” style, as it features some modern contemporary design mixed with traditional book shelving. Otherwise, you need to deeply consider free standing shelves, or even get a custom panel that can properly divide two separate walls, but it can add a bit of elegance to your room at the same time.

Are they Expensive?

While you are going to spend more than you would going to a basic retail store to have custom shelving and dividers like this, you also need to consider the quality. When you order from custom manufacturers, you can choose the wood you’d like to use, as well as what kind of features and finish. No two pieces are completely identical in a sense because they are all custom made.


If you find one of the finest manufacturers of custom furniture in the world, you can get a piece of amazing furniture and shelving made to order. Their website would feature a fully functional measurement wizard so you can order the custom room diver you need with ease, and they have the most successful reputation in all of eastern Europe when it comes to their designs, and their pieces, let alone their customer service as well.