How to Look Glamorous with Sneakers

Sneakers are the classic, sporty shoes you can take to go for long walks and all-day shopping. Since it’s so comfy and cool, sneakers have become a wardrobe essential for women, instantly making any outfit street-wear cool.

These shoes are often paired with athletic wear and easy, casual get-ups like jeans and shirts. But sneakers can transform your look into a casual glamour attire if you just know how to style it well. Here are some helpful tips on how you can look glamorous with sneakers:

1. Familiarize yourself with the basics

First things first: find out what style of sneaker you feel most comfortable to adopt. Regular sneakers like Vans are low-top sneakers, and these don’t cover your ankles. Mid-top sneakers end just below your ankles and usually have slimmer soles. High-tops, like Air Jordans, go all the way up to your ankles. These often look like boots but has the sporty detailing of common sneakers. Know your style and be confident with your choice. If you’re anxious about your first sneaker purchase, it would be advisable to pick something in black, white or gray so it’s easier to fit in your wardrobe easily.

2. Pair them with tailored pieces

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The easiest and the most favorite way to wear sneakers is with skinny jeans and a T-shirt. But if you want your sneakers to look more sophisticated, wear them with tailored pieces. It’s great to pair sneakers with checkered shirts, button-down shirts, and sweaters. But to level up your sweater gaming, pair it with formal blazers, coats and monotone outfits that come in pairs.

Inject some glamour and elegance to your sneaker-oriented look by wearing clothes with luxurious details. Pieces made of fur, silk, and lace are great items to wear with sneakers.

3. Try matching it with the color of your outfitadult asphalt beautiful court

When wearing sneakers, you don’t always have to look sporty. Make it a fashion item by teaming its color with the color of your outfit. Go and join the winter white trend without wearing dressy heels by wearing white canvas sneakers that look chic. Go for an all-white dress, or an all-white top and pants combo. If you have a denim dress or a denim-on-denim outfit, it will look more fashionable with a pair of blue sneakers.

4. Add polish to your casual outfits with black or white sneakers

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We all had that experience when we think the outfit we’re going for is too casual, but wearing heels, ballet flats or sandals with it would make it too girly. To solve that dilemma, just go for just the right amount of polished yet still glam by wearing a pair of white or black sneakers. White sneakers would always give a sleek look to your outfit, while a black one can keep it simple and grounded. You can contrast your dark outfit with white sneakers, or add a dark element to your very light outfit with a pair of black sneakers.

5. Pair it with miniskirts

Sneakers and miniskirts go great together. It exudes that street-chic fashion that looks irresistible. Start with pairing it with the basics, like skater skirts and denim skirts. Then try going for the extra mile by pairing it with flirty skirts like those with floral elements, frills, sequins or lace. The contrast between the feminine and the street casual can bring glamour that can be easily achieved.

6. Complement your cute outfits with white sneakers

Black might be the classic shoe color, but there’s no color that can make your get-up look sleek, polished and looking simply glamorous than a pair of white canvas sneakers. These can flatter your cute and feminine dresses, classic knit sweaters, jumpsuit dresses, breezy get-ups, and even military chic outfits. White sneakers are great alternatives for platform sandals, ballet flats, and boots while keeping you stylishly glam and comfortable.

7. Pair it with a dress or maxi skirt

When you pair sneakers with a cute dress, it brings out your playful side. Sneakers pair well with T-shirt dresses, sweater dresses and other casual types of dresses. But you can also pair it with an extra-feminine or flowy dress to keep it from getting too girly. That’s the magic of sneakers – it adds boyishness to a girly outfit without making you look distasteful.

Sneakers also look well with flowy skirts and maxi skirts. Slinky maxi skirts are now trendy again, and it bought platform slip-on sneakers back on track. Even those long skirts with high slits for showing some skin can be worn with your favorite sneakers.

8. Add a pop of color to simple and neutral outfits using statement sneakers

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Statement necklaces, stiletto pumps, and eye-catching handbags are not the only accessory that can add an interesting contrast to your outfit. Trendier sneakers are widely available now, such as those featuring bright prints, a metallic sheen, neon shades, bright colors and quirky details like embroidered patches, glitters, bow ribbons and sequins. Going for fashion-forward sneakers can easily make you look glamorous and on trend.