Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style

The book Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style is written by Kelly Wearstler. She is well known interior designer for for hotels, products, and residential and commercial spaces. She is referred to as “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design” by the famed “The new Yorker”. She owns a design firm called Kelly Wearstler Interior Design or KWID. Some of her clients include Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, and Stacy Snider.

She explains in this book her aesthetic philosophy and gives suggestions to readers who want to follow her inspiring style. The book is pleasing to the eye because of the colorful photographs it features. It has a lot of information to help you decorate your home, from its color, hue, furniture, lights, and anything that you need to know to make your house look elegant in your own way.

The book is not a “how to” kind of book that gives you instructions or step by step process on how you could make your house look great. But it is a book that gives you a lot of ideas on how to create and make your own style to decorate your place, from living room, bathroom, to any area in your house.  It may be your home or your office.

The book is divided into twelve different parts and each of them talks about the following topics:

Part I Portrait: My Creative Journey

Part II Graphics: Seeing Geometrically and Organically

Part III Architecture & Landscape: Space Shaping Space

Part IV Color & Texture: The Power of Succulent Decor

Part V Details: Embellishments & Accoutrements

Part VI Stimuli: What Lights My Fire

Part VII Eclecticism: Using Contradictions & Juxtapositions

Part VIII Stagecraft: Fantasy in Decoration

Part IX Process: The Method Behind the Madness of Design

Part X KWID Exclusives: Products from My Own Drawing Board

Part XI Evolution: Styling My Future

Part XII Resources: Happy Hunting

The purpose of these parts is to show and explain the different styles, designs, and ways you can use to create a glamourous space. The first part is focused on shapes and images with living matter as design thru wall paintings or interior design theme. The author explains in that part that a room needs an “icebreaker”, wherein you are creating something new that will give a statement and will make your visitors says “wow.”

On the parts that talks about color and texture, she explains that a colorful design is truly attractive, especially if colors are mixed nicely. She wants the readers to know that one should not just focus on the best furniture and accessories to put in a home, but also think about its color, shape, texture, and form, because knowing that can help you imagine the best design that would make you feel comfortable and that will suit your style.

The book also suggests that having a room that has a colorful wall design is great if the things inside the room are paired well in terms of colors, patterns, and details. The author uses colors to mix and match things inside the home to make it look gorgeous. Choosing great colors to pair with furniture will make a room great looking.

The book also explains that you don’t need to spend money on all expensive items as you can mix expensive ones with less expensive items and they would can look good together. And your decorative items should not all be big and extravagant because even small details can give a big impression to visitors if they are displayed well. You just need to mix and match things creatively.

Modern Glamour is useful for those who are trying to design and decorate their home with a design in mind are struggling how to pull it all together. The author’s concepts and examples shown in the book can help people gain confidence to develop their own designs and style.